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Lost Theories III - The Variable

Last night's episode of Lost, entitled "The Variable" had many revelations. Rather than bring out what they clearly showed and answered, I have only one theory to write about that has not been proven.

I've always figured that Charlotte was Widmore's daughter. Again, a theory with no concrete backing yet, except maybe the similarity in there accents. And I believed that the woman Faraday spoke to about the bomb near the beginning of this season, was his mother (which turned out to be true). Since Widmore is Faraday's father, this would make Charlotte and Faraday siblings.

They obviously gave the impression that Faraday loved Charlotte. But they cleverly mislead us about that love. She is his sister, and he was trying to save her.

The writer's of Lost are big Star Wars fans (thus the "Some Like it Hoth" episode 2 weeks ago). Star Wars lead the audience on, in regards to a relationship possibly happening between Luke and Leia. But it turned out they w…

My Son - The Pilot

Ethan has quite the life as a kid. Being that my father-in-law is a pilot for Doylestown Airport, Ethan got the opprotunity (for the second time) to go up with his Pop-Pop in an airplane. With his Buzz Lightyear hat on his head along with headphones and a mic, he set off for a nice ride.

Mom was at home and I was at work. So little did I know, that while I was working, Ethan flew right over my building where I work. It's kind of funny to think that my son was 1000 feet above my head and I didn't even know it. As you can see from the pictures below, he's right at home on the plane and having a good time. My father-in-law even let him take control of the helm, so to speak. What 5 year old kid can say that he's flown a plane before? Not many, that's for sure.

So who knows, maybe the next time you hear a small plane flying overhead, it's my son and his Pop-Pop out for a joy ride in the skies!

Simply Testing a Feature

Just testing a feature I found on Windows Live Spaces that allows me to publish blog entries by simply sending an email.

Now I wonder...if I were to format the type in some very extra special ways, would it show up that way in my blog? Let's see...

First, let's see a large RAINBOW!!!

Okay, that worked. But let's

center things up a bit.

Looking good. How about a web link? I just love to shop theAmazon.

And my final test will be to see if a photograph insert into the email will show up.

Check this out:

And that will do it. Looks like all the features worked. Or did they? I'll have no way to know until I actually send this email to publish the blog entry.

Quick Twitter With Brent Spiner

Something pretty cool just happened. Brent Spiner (Commander Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation for those who don't know) just responded to a post I sent him. It's short, but humorous. So I couldn't resist posting it here. Have a good laugh!

It went like this:

BrentSpiner: I'm thinking of starting a new company. Celebrity Limo. The twist is it's the celebrities who do the driving. I'll take Tuesdays.

byoung210: @BrentSpiner Has-been celebrities or current celebrities? I'll only try the service out if its Has-been.

BrentSpiner: @byoung210 Has beens, of course. I said I'd take Tuesdays.

 It's a metaphor Data!

Finally… A Snow Day

Last night and this morning we finally had a real snow day. As any sane person would do when you get 8”-12” of snow, I first made sure to call out of work. I can’t drive all the way to Telford in this!
After that, you got to make sure you have a good breakfast for your snow day. So Jen was kind enough to make some great blueberry waffles with toasted walnuts on top. They were top notch!

Now that we had a full meal, we took a look outside to see that it was still snowing pretty good. What to do? We put on a Netflix instant watch movie on the Xbox and watch “Annie”. Good family film while the snow falls outside. Afterwards, there’s no need to power down the Xbox, so we played some video games.

Of course, snow days aren’t all play, and some driveway and sidewalk clearing was in order. So out comes the snow blower and shovels.
So now, after about 2-3 years of no proper snowfall, we enjoyed it to the fullest. Just when I thought any chance of REAL snow wouldn’t happen this year, it does. H…

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Review

A fantastic game that allows you to be creative with making your own vehicles.
Young and old alike can find aspects of this game that are appealing.

This is without a doubt, one of the most unique games I have ever played. Previous Banjo-Kazooie games stuck with the old Super Mario 64 play style. But here, with Nuts & Bolts, Rare has take that style of game and added a twist. That twist is vehicle creation.

The vehicle creator tools are quite intuitive. And after a little while, you'll find it's not hard to create a car, plane, helicopter or boat. A lot of it comes down to common sense. For instance, if you want a vehicle to fly, it's going to need wings or propellers, and they need to be balanced on the vehicle.

What's the point of vehicle creation? To complete tasks that are given you to earn music notes, jiggies and T.T. trophies. There are a good variety of challenges. And while some may say they get repetitive, I do not mind this because they may be similar to o…

'R' Rated Movies Linked to Smoking?

I found any interesting article on Apparently a study was conducted that showed that children whose parents allow them to watch 'R' rated movies have a greater likelihood of smoking. I personally don't watch 'R' rated films, for the main reason that the subject matter would more often than not be offensive to me.

And given what can be found in those films, I don't find the results of that study to be surprising. While people can claim that TV, movies or games doesn't have an impact on how a child develops, I think it does. Even if it isn't readily apparent, it can have negative effects that are more subtle. Maybe a child isn't a violent person, but on the other hand they are desentized to violent images or actions of others. So they may never grow up and act out what they've see or played, but at the same time they may be indifferent or not disapproving of what they are used to seeing.

The study does say that it may also be a…

January 2009 NPD Video Game Sales

The January 2009 NPD video game sales data was released yesterday. Basically, NPD tracks the sales of many products and among them are video games and video game hardware. While these numbers are not exact, they do represent a pretty accurate count of total sales. Certain companies are not a part of the NPD count, like Wal-Mart, so NPD estimates the number of sales of those companies based on sales of those that do report to them.

Here are the sales for January 2009 video game consoles (this does not count PC video game sales or handheld consoles):

Wii: 679,200
Xbox 360: 309,000
PlayStation 3: 203,200
Clearly, Nintendo has a stranglehold on the market. With the DS and Wii they have been able to broaden the market of those who play video games. Some die hard video game players resent this fact, as they feel the games released on Nintendo's systems, do not sometimes really qualify as games. However, there is no denying they have opened this market up…

I have a story to tell...

Over the past, oh I don't know, 3-5 years, I've had a story kicking around in my head that I have always wanted to write. I actually, at one time, sat down and started writing it. About 5 paragraphs later, I never went back to it.

Now why would I do that? Simply because I was trying to be too ambitious and I overwhelmed myself with the task of writing a trilogy. There were three acts to my story, but at the same time each story could stand on its own. Now I've never written a book before, and here I was setting out to write not one but THREE books. A little over the top. And as such, I never went back to it.

But still, I continued in my mind to think of the specifics of the story. How it could be told, and how it could be written so as to be enjoyable for others to read. Of course, you would think, if I was going to do this I would do it with the purpose in mind of being published and making some money on it. But that's not it. I don't feel this would be a widely pu…

Lost Theories II

This past week's episode of Lost: The Little Prince, got me thinking about a few things. This season is really opening up and explaining the mystery of previous seasons. I've seen hints and clues of what's to come. Here are more of my predictions about the show. We'll see what ends up coming true and what is just me overthinking the story.

Evidence has been given that Charlotte & Miles have both been on the island previously. They both started getting the nose bleeds. It appears that the longer you are on the island, the quicker the effect of time travel has on your health. So Charlotte has spent more time on the island than anyone else. Miles is next to have been on the island longes and then Juliet, since they all had the symptons come in that order. Which leads me to my next conclusion...
Charlotte was born on the island. Not only that, but her mother, unlike other pregnant women, didn't die while giving birth on the island. A true mystery. I believe her mothe…

Lost Theories I

After last night's episode of "Lost", I have a few theories on what's going on. I'm going to try and add these after every episode. A few of the below are theories that date back a while.

Widmore, as we saw, was on the island in the past. He eventually must have become a leader of the other's and ultimately moved the island. Of course, whoever moves the island can't go back. This is why Widmore is on a quest to find the island. He feels Ben stole it from him.
The island or someone, is moving Faraday, Locke and the others in the group through time stategically. It's trying to save itself. So they are moving about to crucial times to save the island. We saw how Faraday knew what to do with the bomb. He told the people of that time period how to do it. After they "jumped" to another time, those he told must have taken his advice. Had Faraday not been there to tell them, the island would have blown up. I believe we'll see more "saving&quo…