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Quick Twitter With Brent Spiner

Something pretty cool just happened. Brent Spiner (Commander Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation for those who don't know) just responded to a post I sent him. It's short, but humorous. So I couldn't resist posting it here. Have a good laugh!

It went like this:

BrentSpiner: I'm thinking of starting a new company. Celebrity Limo. The twist is it's the celebrities who do the driving. I'll take Tuesdays.

byoung210: @BrentSpiner Has-been celebrities or current celebrities? I'll only try the service out if its Has-been.

BrentSpiner: @byoung210 Has beens, of course. I said I'd take Tuesdays.

 It's a metaphor Data!

Finally… A Snow Day

Last night and this morning we finally had a real snow day. As any sane person would do when you get 8”-12” of snow, I first made sure to call out of work. I can’t drive all the way to Telford in this!
After that, you got to make sure you have a good breakfast for your snow day. So Jen was kind enough to make some great blueberry waffles with toasted walnuts on top. They were top notch!

Now that we had a full meal, we took a look outside to see that it was still snowing pretty good. What to do? We put on a Netflix instant watch movie on the Xbox and watch “Annie”. Good family film while the snow falls outside. Afterwards, there’s no need to power down the Xbox, so we played some video games.

Of course, snow days aren’t all play, and some driveway and sidewalk clearing was in order. So out comes the snow blower and shovels.
So now, after about 2-3 years of no proper snowfall, we enjoyed it to the fullest. Just when I thought any chance of REAL snow wouldn’t happen this year, it does. H…