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Lost Theories III - The Variable

Last night's episode of Lost, entitled "The Variable" had many revelations. Rather than bring out what they clearly showed and answered, I have only one theory to write about that has not been proven.

I've always figured that Charlotte was Widmore's daughter. Again, a theory with no concrete backing yet, except maybe the similarity in there accents. And I believed that the woman Faraday spoke to about the bomb near the beginning of this season, was his mother (which turned out to be true). Since Widmore is Faraday's father, this would make Charlotte and Faraday siblings.

They obviously gave the impression that Faraday loved Charlotte. But they cleverly mislead us about that love. She is his sister, and he was trying to save her.

The writer's of Lost are big Star Wars fans (thus the "Some Like it Hoth" episode 2 weeks ago). Star Wars lead the audience on, in regards to a relationship possibly happening between Luke and Leia. But it turned out they w…

My Son - The Pilot

Ethan has quite the life as a kid. Being that my father-in-law is a pilot for Doylestown Airport, Ethan got the opprotunity (for the second time) to go up with his Pop-Pop in an airplane. With his Buzz Lightyear hat on his head along with headphones and a mic, he set off for a nice ride.

Mom was at home and I was at work. So little did I know, that while I was working, Ethan flew right over my building where I work. It's kind of funny to think that my son was 1000 feet above my head and I didn't even know it. As you can see from the pictures below, he's right at home on the plane and having a good time. My father-in-law even let him take control of the helm, so to speak. What 5 year old kid can say that he's flown a plane before? Not many, that's for sure.

So who knows, maybe the next time you hear a small plane flying overhead, it's my son and his Pop-Pop out for a joy ride in the skies!

Simply Testing a Feature

Just testing a feature I found on Windows Live Spaces that allows me to publish blog entries by simply sending an email.

Now I wonder...if I were to format the type in some very extra special ways, would it show up that way in my blog? Let's see...

First, let's see a large RAINBOW!!!

Okay, that worked. But let's

center things up a bit.

Looking good. How about a web link? I just love to shop theAmazon.

And my final test will be to see if a photograph insert into the email will show up.

Check this out:

And that will do it. Looks like all the features worked. Or did they? I'll have no way to know until I actually send this email to publish the blog entry.