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"Lost" Series Finale Explained

Here I am writing a final blog post about what happened on Lost. Many are no doubt debating, not what happened during the show, but what was shown during the final minutes of the show. While I am not a writer or creator of Lost, I feel I have solved this one last mystery. After watching the finale, I pondered in my head what it all meant in the ending, and here is what I concluded. Going back to the finale of season 5, we saw Juliet blow up the bomb. The idea was that blowing up that bomb would change their lives. The island would be gone and the plane never would have crashed. Well, it worked, but just not how we thought. At the time the bomb was blown up, all our characters were pushed back to what can be called "current island time". Everyone assumes that this time coincides with the time in the flash sideways, flashbacks, and flashforwards. But it doesn't. The island is on its own time. So all the events we saw on the island this season did take place. The quest of sm