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Getting Lost In My Stories

A few weeks ago I posted about what has inspired me to write my stories. As mentioned in Laying A Foundation, the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov played a major role in my writing. But there is another reason that plays into the inspiration.

Weekly Poll VI - Bread

This week's poll is simple, white or wheat bread. I've added in a "neither" option if you don't prefer either.

A Traditional Publishing Nightmare

[caption id="attachment_855" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Look out traditional publishers...we're your nightmare!"][/caption]

On my site, I focus a lot on self-publishing in the writing world. There’s a reason for this, I’m a self-published author. But also, it’s become very easy for people to realize their dream and not have it squashed because a traditional publisher tells them they are unwilling to publish their work.


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On the first day of my vacation, I take a swim out in the ocean. Unknowingly, a strong riptide is out here and it pulls me under the water.

Writing Wrap-Up VI

I'm short on time this week, so the writing wrap-up is short and sweet. And, sadly, there's no yummy wrap picture. See below for what you missed. It was a very busy week on the site!


New Ebook Release: Going Home

Twitterview Transcript
Spring (Alternative by Peter Cressman)
Spring (Alternative by Daniel Hanawalt)

Weekly Poll V - Flash Fiction

Scattered Stars by Hiba Abdelqader

Book Review: Gabriel's Redemption

Sunrise (Miscorrection)

Sunrise (Miscorrection)

Sunrise (Book 1 – Story 1)My name is David. On an ordinary day, my grandson and I had set out to do some ordinary tasks. However, the events of that day brought things that neither of us could have expected. The result may be something we do not like, but a motivation to try and make a difference. Whatever comes of that day is anyone’s guess. There is no doubt that a new beginning is upon us, and as is the case with every new beginning, you never really know how it is going to end. — Approximately 10,000 words.
This story is included in the ebook All My Fiction. Pay Once—Read Forever

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Do you live in the UK? You can purchase this story for your Amazon Kindle .

Review by The Scattering: Sunrise Review

Can’t decide if you want to purchase the story? Approximately 50% of the story is below. Enjoy!
(BOOK 1 - STORY 1)
Copyright © 2010 B.C. Young
The day started as any other day would start. The…

Book Review: Gabriel's Redemption by Steve Umstead

Gabriel’s Redemption by Steve Umstead tells the tale of a man named Evan Gabriel. Evan’s past haunts him, but the opportunity arises for him to make up for what happened. He accepts a mission to a far off planet, Poliahu, to find and capture a drug lord. And what he finds upon arriving at the planet, not only surprises him, but has the potential to change all human lives dramatically.

Scattered Stars by Hiba Abdelqader

Last week I did a guest post for the Woven Strands Blog called Persistence Pays Off. I was honored that the owner of the blog, Hiba Abdelqader, contacted me to write the post. I thought I'd return the favor by having Hiba write a guest post on my blog. And I was very excited when the post was flash fiction! There's nothing like a good, free story. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did, and be sure to check out the Woven Strands Blog for even more flash fiction.

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Weekly Poll V - Flash Fiction

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This week's poll is really fun. On Mondays, I have posted a flash fiction story based on a photo and theme that WordPress' Daily Post lists each week.

Spring (Alternative by Daniel Hanawalt)

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Sunday. It's a warm evening; the kind that makes a man want to be outside with a cool drink in his hand and enjoy the last hour of nature's good gift. I take a sip. I stand in the silence of my yard, blankly observing the world around me, pondering over the myriad of tasks to perform and decisions to make in the coming week.

Spring (Alternative by Peter Cressman)

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The date was March 20th, year unknown. How can I know the month and day but not the year you ask? It’s simple. But before you can understand what I know, you must first understand what I didn’t know. I never was one for magic, nor miracles. I did not believe in fairy tales with happy endings.

Twitterview Transcript

Did you get a chance to follow the twitterview yesterday that Novel Publicity conducted with me? If so, I hope you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun answering their questions and questions from those following it!

New Ebook Release: Going Home

I am happy to announce a new e-book release: Going Home. I am releasing this e-book to coincide with the twitterview that Novel Publicity was kindly willing to do with me. I appreciate their help with helping me to promote my writings, and all those who followed the twitterview.


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It was beautiful and it was why he visited every year. The flowers abounded on the landscape. Their smell and color filled his senses fully.

Writing Wrap-Up V

Here we go again! Another week has passed and it is time for the wrap-up of posts on The Time Capsule. Did you miss anything? If you did, dig in below and see what interests you!

Redesigned Miscorrection Covers

They say you can't judge a book by its cover. However, the cover certainly needs to attract the reader's attention.

Book Review: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Gamesby Suzanne Collins follows the story of a girl name Katniss. It takes place in a future where the world has changed dramatically. As a result of wars that have taken place, the Capitol institutes a yearly event, called The Hunger Games, to remind the people of their past and to make sure it will never happen again. These games are central to the entire story for the main character, as the reader follows her through the emotions and turmoil she experiences.

Guest Post - Persistence Pays Off

About a week ago, the Woven Strands blog contacted me to do a guest post on their site. It honored me that they asked me to do this. So, I wholeheartedly agreed to write a post.

A Book Trailer? Really?

What makes you decide to buy a book? A review? The back cover synopsis? The font cover? Besides being a fan of the author, most people buy a book based on one of those three things.

Weekly Poll IV - Video Games

One thing I enjoy doing a lot is playing video games. While I don't have the time to play like I used to have, it's still great to get together with friends and play a game.

Novel Publicity Twitterview

I'm happy to announce that on Monday, March 21, 2011 I will be interviewed by Novel Publicity. This will not be a traditional interview. But it will be live. So how can you be sure to get in on the fun and watch the interview?


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Before any mission, he would always revisit the porch. His sister would be sitting on the swing enjoying the cool night air - the sound of singing crickets in the air. She would smile at him, and he would sit down next to her.

Writing Wrap-Up IV

It's another Writing Wrap-Up this week. Did you miss anything? If so, here is everything in a nutshell, or maybe I should say a tortilla shell.

Book Review: Don't Rust On Me Now by Dee W. Schofield

Don’t Rust On Me Now by Dee W. Schofield is a science fiction short story. Since this is a short story, I will not divulge any of the plot points in this opening. Otherwise, I’ll probably just ruin any reason for you to read it. For future reference, any short stories I review will always follow this rule.

Sunrise & Felix Culpa Discounted

Did you know this is "Read an Ebook" week? Perhaps you didn't, but that doesn't mean it's too late for you to start reading one!

In the spirit of "Read an Ebook" week I am offering Sunrise and Felix Culpa at discounted rates.

New Ebook Release: Copy Bird

I'm happy to announce that I have an unexpected e-book release today entitled Copy Bird. One week ago, I never would have thought that I would be releasing a story.

How I Met My Wife

It was a normal day in February 1998. A friend of mine had asked me to go to an ice skating rink in Colmar, Pennsylvania called Melody Brook. We were hanging out a lot at the time, so I said I would. He was the type that would handle getting a group together to do things. Who would have known how that day would bring me to where I am now?


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The first time it happened, he wasn't sure if he forgot he bought something or not. He woke up in the morning and had a brand new television in his living room. He wasn't sure how he got it.

Writing Wrap-Up III

It's that time again! Another week has gone and below is a summary of the week's posts on the site. And of course, that means another picture of a food wrap. This one looks delicious!

Book Review: The Accidental Time Machine by Joe Haldeman

The Accidental Time Machine by Joe Haldeman tells the story of Matt Fuller. As a lab assistant at MIT, he accidentally discovers a time machine – thus the name of the book. The discovery takes him on a journey that spans thousands upon thousands of years, where he comes in contact with different civilizations in the future. But his one goal is to finally go home, or I should say, to his time period.

Quality Over Quantity

I recently read a blog post by self-published author Jeff Ambrose that detailed his goal to publish a certain amount of stories in a self-imposed timeframe. The reasoning behind this is that the more books you have available to read, the higher your chances of selling more books. This makes sense,

Weekly Poll II

This week’s poll comes to you from the Summerfield84 Blog. They commented on last week’s poll that they would like to see a poll asking what smartphone you prefer. Since everyone and their mother seem to have a smartphone today, I thought

Blog Stats II

Below is a listing of some stats for the past month on The Time Capsule. Statistics include hits on posts, links, and search queries that led to a post.  In order not to make the Blog Stats annoying to read,