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Showing posts from April, 2011

Writing Wrap-Ups Are No More!

For a couple of months, I have posted a weekly writing wrap-up that summarizes the posts I've made on the site for the week. I've decided to not do these any more to save more time for writing. I hope you have enjoyed the wrap-ups in the past! Remember, you can make sure you do not miss anything on the site by subscribing to the blog through the RSS feed link to the right or at the bottom of the page!

Interview Regarding Self-Publishing

Quick post to let everyone know about an interview I recently did. I was happy to hear from the writer of the hugmamma's MIND, BODY and SOUL blog and their interest in having me answer a few questions. In the year or so I have been self-publishing, I've learned a lot. The answers I gave are based purely on my opinion and experience. I hope they can give inspiration to anyone out there with a dream to write and be published. So head on over and check out the post! The link is below. published guest author: B.C. Young