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Miscorrection: Panacea Released!!!

Here we go! Today, Miscorrection: Panacea, the fourth novelette for book one of the series, has been released. I’ve put a lot of hard work into this story and I am very happy with the it. It’s important that I thank a couple of people who helped me out with this story: I need to thank Jeff Ambrose as he not only proofread the story, but also helped me edit it. He gave me some great suggestions on how to improve the story, and I think they came through real well. I need to thank Isabela Morales of The Scattering blog. She lives in the Alabama area that was effected by the tornadoes and storms last week. Despite going through this, she still managed to write a pre-release review of Panacea! Now, here’s your chance to get Panacea free or at a discounted rate: If you buy Panacea on Smashwords and use coupon code DY48B, you can get Panacea free! This offer is available for the day of release only, May 3, 2011. For the first week of release, Panacea will be only $0.99. After May