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Taco Marketing

Miscorrection: Awry officially releases in two more days. That’s great news because it means the taco eating fun is almost upon us.

Awry (Miscorrection)

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My name is Lyle. Two months after joining the Karhath, I received my first assignment and felt nervous, excited, and uncertain. On the night of the mission, I witnessed confidential proceedings and discussions that surprised and shocked me. But not all went well. Before the sun rose the next day, a failed plan would turn into a new one, and this one would change the course of history.
This story is included in the ebook All My Fiction. Pay Once—Read Forever
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Can’t decide if you want to purchase the story? An excerpt is below.

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"There's a man in the water!" someone yelled.

All the tourists at the lookout point congregated around the railing looking into the river.

A "Disney"rific Time!

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Last week, my family and I took our annual vacation to Walt Disney World. For the last five years or so, we've gone there for vacation for a number of reasons.


Another year of that and she was sure she’d go mad. After all, you can only handle so much.

“Mr. Hubble, this is what you asked for.” she insisted.

Details On The Next Miscorrection Release

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The time is upon us. The next novelette of book one of the Miscorrection series will be releasing next week.


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Tommy looked at all the assorted ornaments on his grandmother's bookshelf. Many were made of wood and resembled birds and other animals. Something caught his attention, and he noticed one of the ornaments, a colorful little moth, was flapping its wings. It flew in the area and traveled the path of a circle before landing again in the spot it ascended from and remained still.

Belly of the Beast by AJ Powers

The final guest flash fiction piece this week comes from author AJ Powers. This story wraps up the week well, giving us some fiction that has some action. This is the first time I can recall reading a piece of flash fiction that is sci-fi action based, and I have to say it's a fun, fast-paced read. As AJ mentioned to me, you can definitely see the influence of Star Wars, Starship Troopers, and Independence Day in this piece of flash fiction.
AJ Powers wanted to make sure you all knew that he is a professional game developer by day, and a writer by night. (This is too cool, as I'm a big Xbox 360 gamer. It's pretty awesome that I can get a game developer to write something for my blog.) Over the years of working in the games industry, he has come to appreciate great story telling and he's made it a personal mission to tell compelling and thrilling stories that keep the readers on the edge of their seats. AJ Powers current available work is Loose Ends, his debut novella, a…

Dusk Valley by Aden Penn

Here's the third author who accepted the called on Twitter to write flash fiction for my site this week. Aden Penn submitted the story Dusk Valley. This is a great tale, that in my opinion, flips the Walt Disney World concept on its head. What do I mean by that? Well, give the story a read and maybe you'll understand.

There are some points about the author you should know, such as: Aden Penn lives just outside of Austin TX. Whatever the name of the town is, she told me it was funny. She also told me that she writes urban fantasy and science fiction, and she is hoping this year to make the jump from "writer" to "author". I'd like to think she already made the jump to author, because her authorship evidence is below. If you want to learn more about this author, you can visit her web site at or on Twitter @adenpenn.

Enjoy the story!

Thought Computers by Amanda Leduc

The second flash fiction author of the week is Amanda Leduc. I'm so glad that she submitted this piece of fiction as it takes an interesting concept and then tells us that not all people are created equal. It's a testimony to life in that we all have different strengths and weaknesses.
Amanda let me know that she was born in Canada, but not only that, she has lived in Ontario, British Columbia, England and Scotland. They are all places I'd love to go to, but will never be, (except for Ontario).  The first novel she wrote is called Instructions for an Inexperienced Lover, and it was shortlisted for the 2008 UK  Daily Mail First Novel Award, and published in 2009.  She also has a second novel, The Raptured, which is currently making submission rounds at publishing houses in both Canada and the US.  She has published articles across Canada, the US, and the UK, won 1st runner up in PRISM International's 2008 Short Fiction Contest, and was a third place finalist in Prairie F…

Watch Where You Winkle by Ben Langhinrichs

The first guest flash fiction piece this week comes from author Ben Langhinrichs. Langhinrichs was kind enough to follow the rules I've set for writing and fiction on my site, not once violating my strict guidelines. How he did it, well, I'll never know. But sure enough, he sent me a story that was not only good, but has a great punchline at the end.

Ben Langhinrichs felt the need to point out to me that he is a 48 year-old software designer living in Shaker Heights, Ohio. He said he has a lovely wife, two cats, and three children. One of them still lives at home! I'm fairly certain he was referring to his children when he said that to me, but I'm nearly 100% positive that his wife also lives with him, too.  And he has work published all over the place, most of which he knows about. To learn more about Ben Langhinrichs and his written works, visit or follow him on Twitter @blanghinrichs.

Enjoy the story!


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"Come on, Grandpa," Johnny said as he tugged on his grandfather's shirt sleeve. "Let's go in the park and go on some rides."

"What are you talking about, Johnny? Look at this. We're on a ride. Look at the bright red paint, and all the other cars in front of us. They're all the same color."

Guest Flash Fiction Next Week

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Next week, I will not be able to maintain my blog as I normally do. Since that is the case, I decided to put the call out on Twitter for writer's to do guest flash fiction for the site.

Pricing In Tacos

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After having a conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #pubwrite, some other writers and myself thought it would be a good idea to price our ebooks in tacos. So, one US dollar equals one taco. You might be asking why this is the case. Well, here are just a couple of reasons:


On the warm sunny day, he walked down the path to the garden, hoping she would be there. They had agreed that no matter what happened, no matter what they experienced, they would reunite. The one place they said they would go was their favorite—a symbol of their love.

The Present

The Present Miles Gray has a wonderful life that he has refused to recognize. One day, he receives a present from a friend that is strange and peculiar. Unable to resist the present, Miles goes on a journey that he never could have imagined and that will change his life forever. (Approximately 6,800 words)
This story is included in the ebooks Unspoken Stories - Volume 1 & All My Fiction. Pay Once—Read Forever

Available on Smashwords, or for Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Nook.
Do you live in the UK? You can purchase this story for your Amazon Kindle.
Can’t decide if you want to purchase the story? Approximately 50% of the story is below.
If you have an Amazon Kindle and rather not read the excerpt on the site, you can use the “Send To Kindle” app for your browser or smartphone to read it there. Details can be found on http://klip.meEnjoy!

New Ebook Release: The Present

All right, I'm on track. I've released the first short story of May and I have another one to write and publish this month. This story is called The Present. It clocks in at around 6,800 words—much longer than I had planned.

Explanation Vs. Interpretation

[caption id="attachment_1166" align="aligncenter" width="343" caption="Would you rather the picture be explained to you or interpreted by you?"][/caption]

I’ve noticed two trends in the book world:


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Some people called me mad. But that is so cliché.

Just because a man, albeit a scientist, decides to test an experiment on himself, it doesn't make him crazy.

Book Review: Diversity Problems by Kristen James

Diversity Problems by Kristen James is a short story that raises a question about perfect genetics. What if we lived in a world where everyone looked the same? What if everybody had the same name? Really, what if we lacked identity?


Here comes the hard part.

Travel to the planet, activate the weapons, and high tail it out of there. The weight of this assignment is heavy. Heavier than anything I have ever experienced, but it has to happen. The enemy would do the same thing to us if they had the chance.

E-Book Sales Are Like Snowballs

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I thought it would be good to post my current sales totals since I started writing and self-publishing a year ago. I'll admit, these numbers don't look too great, but a positive sign is that I have sold more ebooks each month than the previous month since January.

Miscorrection: Panacea Released!!!

Here we go!

Today, Miscorrection: Panacea, the fourth novelette for book one of the series, has been released. I’ve put a lot of hard work into this story and I am very happy with the it.

It’s important that I thank a couple of people who helped me out with this story:

I need to thank Jeff Ambrose as he not only proofread the story, but also helped me edit it. He gave me some great suggestions on how to improve the story, and I think they came through real well.
I need to thank Isabela Morales of The Scattering blog. She lives in the Alabama area that was effected by the tornadoes and storms last week. Despite going through this, she still managed to write a pre-release review of Panacea!

Now, here’s your chance to get Panacea free or at a discounted rate:

If you buy Panacea on Smashwords and use coupon code DY48B, you can get Panacea free! This offer is available for the day of release only, May 3, 2011.
For the first week of release, Panacea will be only $0.99. After May 10, 2011, it will …


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My life started with a force of air.

I started out small, but grew and grew.

Once I was fully grown, I met my wife, Blue. She was beautiful and perfect. She’d always call me Round, a name she found humorous because she thought it described my body shape so well.