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I don’t remember the first drill. Only the sound it made. The blaring horn shot through my ears, and I thought my eardrums would explode. But they didn’t. They just bled a little. Better to have a little blood than be dead. That’s what they always told us.
The last drill was significant. It sounded like they turned up the horn a notch or two, but I could be wrong. They even added in some floor vibrations and shattered windows for realism. I’ll admit, that last drill scared me more than any other.
When the drill finished, all us students got out from under our desks. Some kids cried. The teacher never came out from her desk. As the room started to become anarchy, I went over to the teacher’s desk to see why.
I’ll never forget that last drill because the teacher never made it to her desk. But mostly I’ll never forget because that’s the first time I saw a dead body.

That's Entertainment!

When I started regularly updating my blog in January, I wrote topics about eBook readers and writing. Then, I started to add in Book Reviews.
But the thing I enjoy putting on my site more than anything is my free flash fiction and eBook excerpts. Why? Because my goal is to entertain. Perhaps writing about the Kindle, Nook, or things I've learned about writing is interesting for some people, but my focus is not to educate, at least not intentionally. I prefer to entertain those who read my blog.
So I have decided to again change the focus of what I post on my site. Since my goal is to have people read my fiction and enjoy it, the site is going to focus on that alone. This means I'll still be posting the free one or two flash fiction pieces each week. I'll also continue to put up story excerpts for my eBooks as I write them. With these, I'll probably include a post about the story. This won't be a hard and fast rule. I'm sure I'll make exceptions from time to t…


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"Just a sip," he said.

"No," she said. "You know what'll happen."

"But it's hot. I'm tired from workin' all day. It looks so refreshing."


"You're a pain, you know that? I can do whatever I want."

"No you can't. You've proven it."

"Yes I can! Just a sip. Come on."


"You know what? I hate you."

"Fine by me."


Pay Once—Read Forever. Check out All My Fiction for more details!

All My Fiction

***UPDATE: Due to eBook submission rules and the time involved with maintaining this book, I have decided to unpublish it. If you were one of the few who purchased the book in the past, I appreciate it. Please contact me with proof of your purchase and I will give you a free gift to show you my thanks.***
What is All My Fiction? It's an experiment in the world of eBook publishing. Why pay each time an author writes a new book? What if you could pay one flat fee and get an eBook containing all works by an author AND their future works, too? That's what All My Fiction is about.
All My Fiction contains all the written works by author B.C. Young. In the future, as B.C. Young writes more stories, he'll add those into All My Fiction. For more details, download the sample of this eBook to your eReader and read the introduction.

Current Version: 3.1 (Nook, iBooks) Updated all Miscorrection stories to match edits made for print edition of Book 1.

Current Version: 4.0 (Kindle, Smashword…


“Look at it. It’s adorable.” Cathy said to Jim.

“What is it?” Jim asked. He didn’t like the idea of touching, let alone playing, with the creature they found in the forest.

Josie Dorri And The Coffee Ban

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Josie Dorri And The Coffee Ban What would you do if someone told you not to drink coffee? What if it was the law? Follow Josie Dorri on her day without coffee, and you'll be glad the ban hasn't happened! (Approximately 7,000 words)
This story is included in the ebooks Unspoken Stories - Volume 1 & All My Fiction. Pay Once—Read Forever

Available on Smashwords, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Nook.
Do you live in the UK? You can purchase this story for your Amazon Kindle.
Can’t decide if you want to purchase the story? Approximately 50% of the story is below.
If you have an Amazon Kindle and rather not read the excerpt on the site, you can use the “Send To Kindle” app for your browser or smartphone to read it there. Details can be found on http://klip.meEnjoy!
 © 2011 B.C. Young
Josie Dorri had a sim…

New eBook Release: Josie Dorri And The Coffee Ban

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Well, I have  a new eBook release, Josie Dorri And The Coffee Ban. I had a ton of fun writing this story. Since I had read the book Characters & Viewpoint right before writing this story, I made it a goal to develop the characters better than I have in any other story. I'd like to think that I did, but only you can tell me that.

You can read an excerpt of the story here: Josie Dorri And The Coffee Ban Excerpt.

The eBook is available for your favorite eReader at any of the following locations (I'll add the links as they become available):

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon DE

Barnes & Noble


eBook Publishing Update

A lot has happened recently on my eBook publishing front. Maybe I should say not a lot has happened.

I planned to release the sixth and final story in Book 1 of Miscorrection on July 3rd. After I sent it off to Jeff Ambrose, an indie author who agreed to help me proofread and edit the last three stories, he suggested I hold off on the release. He felt the story needed more polish and a change in perspective. Of course, this was only his opinion, but before I sent it to him, I thought the same thing about it. While I really liked the story, I was afraid it might be somewhat bland and even confusing. Right now, I'm not sure when the next one will release, but I know this change will be for the better.

Good news though, as I plan to release another 7,000 word short story this week called Josie Dorri And The Coffee Ban. I had a lot of fun writing it. You can look for an excerpt to go live within 48 hours of this post.

I also have planned to write two other short stories during the summer…


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He spent all his life working at the docks. Boats came in from all parts of the world and he saw a lots of different people, cargo, and even animals.

"Bridges - A Tale of Niagara" Author Interview

Recently, I read the book Bridges - A Tale of Niagara by dk LeVick. This excellent book tells the tale of five young men who set out on a perilous journey into the Niagara Gorge. I really enjoyed that the book mixed history and fiction together to bring the story alive, and Niagara Falls alive, too.
As part of the Novel Publicity blog tour for this book, I had the opportunity to ask the the author a few questions about the book. I'd like to thank him for adding more insight into the book.

High School

I remember Billy. He sat behind me. Always tried lookin’ over my shoulder to get the answers on a test. I couldn’t ever call him out on it. He was twice my size and had a punch that could break a brick into pieces. No way would I mess with that.


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The sunrises here are beautiful.

When I arrived in this remote area, I never dreamed I would see such beauty. The plants, wildlife, and climate are peaceful and remind me of home. I’m privileged to have found this wonderful jewel in the middle of nowhere.

eBook Sales Numbers

I have a really bad habit. Every day, I have to check my eBook sales numbers. In fact, sometimes I get downright compulsive about it. A lot of Indie Authors have this issue, because even when the number jumps by one sale, we get excited.

Frankly, checking the sales number is a waste of time. At least at the frequency that I check them. So, I've decided to only check my numbers the first of each month, starting now. The only exception to this will be when I check my sales on Barnes & Noble because I extended Taco Week for the release of Awry and B&N got it up four days late.

Once I check my sales numbers, I will post them around the beginning of each month. Don't expect huge numbers though. Currently, my sell through is very low. But I hope that changes as time passes.


This isn’t so bad. 2011 is a great year, but time for a change.

I think I’ll just see what happens when they turn it on. I wonder if I’ll feel cold. Probably not. They told me it would be really quick.

Taco Update 03

Good news on the Taco Challenge. Awry sales have jumped from 1 to 4. Things are starting to get very interesting. I'll tell you this, 4 tacos is still not much of a challenge.

Also, Barnes & Noble finally has Awry available for purchase. Since the availability on the store is late to Taco Week, I'm extending the challenge for the B&N store. Purchases made by June 13, 2001 at 11:59 P.M. qualify for the Taco Challenge.

Keep the tacos coming everyone!

Awry (Miscorrection) is available for 1 Taco for your favorite e-reader at any of the links below!

Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle UK
Amazon Kindle DE
Barnes & Noble Nook
Smashwords(Purchase here to get Awry in any format you may need. Even without an ereader, you can read from your browser or download and print out the ebook yourself!)


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"8-ball, left corner pocket," Paul said to Steve.

After the pool stick hit the cue-ball, which in turn hit the 8-ball, it happened just as Paul predicted. He won it as called—stripes sinking into the pockets—10, 14, 12, 9, 15, 13, 11 and then 8.

Taco Update/Broadcast 02

Below is the latest Taco Broadcast. This one was short and to the point.

Also, the sales of Awry still stand at 1. Remember, for every sale this week, I will be eating a taco. Right now, you guys are making this challenge extremely easy!

Awry (Miscorrection) is available for 1 Taco for your favorite e-reader at any of the links below!

Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle UK
Amazon Kindle DE
Barnes & Noble Nook
Smashwords(Purchase here to get Awry in any format you may need. Even without an ereader, you can read from your browser or download and print out the ebook yourself!)

Taco Update 01

The numbers are in for the first Taco Update. After the first official day of release, Awry has sold 1 copy. That's good news, because broadcasting the Taco Challenge live would be very boring if there I had no tacos to eat!

On the down side of all of this, Barnes & Noble still doesn't have Awry available. Since this is the case, I'm going to extend Taco Week for Barnes & Noble purchases. The week will begin as soon as they have the ebook available.

Look for another Taco Update tomorrow. Who knows, maybe your purchase will push the taco count up to 2.

Awry (Miscorrection) is available for 1 Taco for your favorite e-reader at any of the links below!

Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle UK
Amazon Kindle DE
Barnes & Noble Nook
Smashwords(Purchase here to get Awry in any format you may need. Even without an ereader, you can read from your browser or download and print out the ebook yourself!)

"In Leah's Wake" Author Interview

I had the privilege of reading In Leah's Wake by Terri Giuliano Long recently. The novel follows the story of a family affected by an out of control daughter. One common thing I kept feeling when I read the story was that it felt very personal. Part of this is because I've seen similar to what is found in the story, and I couldn't help but wonder if the same thing was true for the author.

Celebrate Taco Week!!!

Happy Taco Week!

The official release date is here! Awry, the fifth novelette in Book I of the Miscorrection series is now available for your favorite ereader for only 1 Taco!

It gets better!

Pomegranate Seeds

On the porch, there were pomegranate seeds and paint thinner, and upstairs there was a girl.