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Author Interview: The Trust by Sean Keefer

Recently, I had an opportunity to read the legal thriller The Trust. Here's a synopsis about the book:
To attorney Noah Parks, the probate of a will should be a simple task. But the Last Will and Testament of Leonardo Xavier Cross is anything but simple. Though Parks has never heard of Cross, he learns that the Will directs that he provide the legal representation for the estate and as part of his fee he receive the contents of a safety deposit box – a safety deposit box no one knew existed. Intrigued, Parks undertakes the task but after the body count begins to rise the otherwise basic task of probating the will becomes more complicated as each day passes. Despite all of Parks’ skills, the answers he seeks remain elusive and force him to delve deeper into the shocking and deceptive Cross’ family history which sets the stage for an explosive finale that Parks can only hope to survive. Set in Charleston, South Carolina, The Trust is the debut novel from Sean Keefer. Blending element…

There's An App For That

Ben stared at the screen, horrified.

“What’s happening?” he said aloud.

In the air, a mouse pointer floated in front of him and landed on his nose.

Tap, tap. It kind of hurt. Then his nose started running.

The mouse pointer moved over to his one hand, pressed on it, and lifted his hand. It held on tight and pulled his hand over to the tissue box. After another tap, his hand grabbed a tissue. The pointer released from his hand and floated back to his nose.

Tap, tap. After feeling the first one, this one didn’t bother him. His hand with the tissue approached his nose until they met.

Tap, tap.

Uncontrollably, he blew air from his nose, and all the mucus went into the tissue.

Then, he watched the pointer move to his upper left.


The next thing he remembers is staring at the screen, horrified, and the mouse pointer floated towards his nose.

A Novel Idea

There's a lot I'd like to say in my first post on The Time Capsule, but unfortunately, I just can't. So, I'll write what I can and see where it gets me.

First, I'd like to thank B.C. Young for allowing me to be a contributor to this site. It's great to find fellow writers who are willing to help each other find an audience for their works.

Second, I'd like to thank Forever Young Publishing for being willing to publish my first novel. This is a major step for me, and to have their help is fantastic!

So what is this novel I'm writing. I'll start by giving you the tentative title. Well, not the real tentative title. I'm only going to give you the acronym for the tentative title. Yeah, I know I'm a pain. Considering that I don't plan to release this novel until December, I gotta make sure that information trickles out and keeps your interest in the coming months. All right, since you've twisted my arm, I'll throw a word into the title. …


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"All right," Dr. Seesa said to Kim. "When I take the bandages off, it might take a minute or two for your eyes to adjust."

"Okay," Kim said nervously. All her life, she'd seen things one way, and now it was all going to change. The thought of change scared her, but everyone told her it was for the better.

The doctor slowly unwrapped the bandages from her head and off her eyes. She kept her eyes closed, anxious about what she would see.

"Go ahead. Open them." Dr. Seesa's assistant, Jerry, said.

Her eyelids lifted slower than the bandages that were removed. At first, everything was blurry. Then she became fearful, because everything was the same. A bouquet of flowers sat in front of her, and it was all black and white. But then, color started to pop into view. First the yellow flowers, then th…


Jake stood on stage, glanced out into the audience, and caught the eye of a pretty girl near the back. He winked, turned around to his drummer, and counted.
“1, 2. 1, 2, 3, 4,” he yelled.
The drummer banged the drums, and the rest of the band joined in with the song. Jake did what every singer does; he bobbed his head, kicked his feet, and paced the stage.
“This is for the pretty lady in the back,” he said into the microphone.
“I love you,
You always will be mine,
I’ve had you forever,
Now till the end of time”
His gyrations went crazy with the beat, and then he bent back like he was going to do the limbo. The crowd went crazy; the yells, hollers, and hoots filled the room. As Jake continued his act, he lost his balance because he bent back to far. He slid off the stage, hit his head on the ground and was knocked out cold.
When he awoke, the back of his head throbbed. He touched it with his hand and blood wiped off on them. Then he looked around, and there she was.
“Pretty lady in the back, huh…

An Introduction to Desmond Shepherd

The Time Capsule is about to go through a slight change. Up until now, I have been the only one to post on the site. But now I'm adding another contributor to the site.

I'd like to introduce Desmond Shepherd. Desmond is an unpublished writer in the process of writing his first novel. The novel has a fourth quarter release date. Instead of starting his own site, Desmond thought it would be a good idea to contribute to mine. This gave me the benefit of having another person to post entertaining articles and to do some cross-promotion between his works and mine.

In the coming weeks, you'll see the first posts from Desmond. Most of them will probably revolve around the novel he is writing, which I must add sounds like it will be really good. So good in fact, that Forever Young Publishing is publishing it.

I hope you enjoy Desmond's posts, and hope you give him a warm welcome. There's nothing a new writer appreciates more than words of encouragement as he sets out on his j…


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As Alex, Tom, and Cindy walked through the outdoor market, Alex kept looking over at Cindy. Every time her eyes met his, he quickly look elsewhere.

"Hey. Check out these peppers," Alex's best friend Tom said. "Says their hotter than a party on the sun."

Yeah Alex thought But are they hotter than Cindy.

"Dare ya to take one and eat it," Tom challenged.

"No way," Alex said. He never liked spicy foods.

"What's the problem. You a wimp?" Tom asked.

Alex looked at Tom and then Cindy. She smiled. Such a beautiful smile.  He could get lost in that all day long. Maybe she'd think he was more of a man if he ate the pepper. Maybe it would impress her. Love can make people do strange things, and Alex decided this was one of them.

"Fine," Alex said. "Give me one."

Tom reache…

Greed & Guilt

Sometimes I wish greed didn't control me. Then I remember the gold, gems, and treasures I've discovered. Wouldn't have found any of those if I was a giving man. No siree. It's not even the wealth I desire; it's the thrill of the discovery. The one thing I do regret though is the guilt, and not because I live a thief's life. The map to the Grocol Diamond didn't mention the danger of taking it from its place in the Badgerhole. The devastation was cataclysmic, destroying everything in a 20 mile radius except the person holding the Grocol Diamond—me.

The Reader's Advantage

Recently, I released the eBook All My Fiction. It has all my current fiction, and I will update it in the future with any new fiction I write. My purpose for creating the eBook was to change the way we think about buying books.
It's no secret that this way of providing entertainment to people is unique. It allows you to pay a flat fee and get everything I write now and in the future for a flat rate. Of course, certain things in the future may dictate I change the format, but for the foreseeable future All My Fiction will literally contain all my fiction. This provides a huge advantage to the reader for a couple of reasons. I've listed them below:

Flat rate gets the reader everything. No need to go and buy another eBook by me.
Lower risk. Maybe you buy one of my stories and don't like it. Which prevents you from buying another one you might have liked. Now you don't have the risk. You can like and dislike what you want, and not lose money from your pocket either way.

Some h…

Old Fashioned

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"This item here was used as late as the '80s and even the early '90s by society," the tour guide said to the students. "Once computers became common in the mid to late '90s however, they were all but extinct."

The class continued through the museum. Most of them paid no attention to what the guide said as they were just grateful to not be in school.

"Here we have what was called an iPod. The first of its kind and the predecessor to the iPhone and other similar devices. This marked

If Time Is All I Have

All right, I said last week I wanted to focus my blog on entertaining people. Now this post isn't me personally entertaining you, but I think it is entertaining nonetheless.

Below is the video for James Blunt's song If Time Is All I Have. Perhaps you've heard it before, perhaps you haven't. Either way, follow these steps for entertainment:


“You sure you want to do that, chief?”

“No choice, we’re dead no matter how you cut it. Better at our own hands than theirs. Help me turn the handle.” Dale replied. Nothing like having his brother, Zack, question his abilities.

Dale’s hand reached out for the right side of the circular handle. Zack grabbed the other side.

“Now listen, when we open this hatch, it’s gonna suck us through quicker than soda through a straw. Could knock us unconscious. Could rip our helmets off. Be ready. Once we get oriented, turn on your jet pack and set your bearing to .456. That should take us to our ship.”

“What if one of us is knocked out. Then what?” Zack asked

“We can’t worry about each after that. Once we’re out there, don’t worry about me and I won’t worry about you. On my count, turn the handle. 1 – 2 – 3!” Dale yelled.

They turned the handle clockwise. At first, it moved slowly, but as they loosened it’s tightly closed grip, it moved fast. Before they had a chance to open it all the way, the vacuum o…

Running To Keep Her

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Running To Keep Her Exercising and staying healthy is a way of life for Neil, but it isn't a life he chose. It's the only thing he can do to always be with his wife. One day something happens that could break the cycle forever. (Approximately 5,800 words)

This story is included in the ebooks Unspoken Stories - Volume 1 & All My Fiction. Pay Once—Read Forever

Available on Smashwords, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Nook.

Do you live in the UK? You can purchase this story for your Amazon Kindle.

Can’t decide if you want to purchase the story? Approximately 50% of the story is below.

If you have an Amazon Kindle and rather not read the excerpt on the site, you can use the “Send To Kindle” app for your browser or smartphone to read it there. Details can be found on http://klip.meEnjoy!
Running To Keep Her
© 2011 B.C. …

New eBook Release: Running To Keep Her

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Today I uploaded a new short story to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords called Running To Keep Her. The best way to describe this is to call it a scifi love story. But it's definitely not a love story in the traditional sense. I'd estimate that I spent 8-10 hours writing, editing, proofing, creating the cover, and preparing for publication.

Of course, you can read a 50% excerpt of the story by clicking here.

If you have purchased All My Fiction, this story has been added into the publication. That's right! You get the story at no extra cost because you purchased All My Fiction. This brings the eBook to version 2.0. For more information on All My Fiction, please see click here.