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He continued running up the stairs.

Just a few more steps. This is like waiting to graduate high school, he thought.

Still moving, he skipped two steps at a time, but the top looked just as far away as it did 100 steps earlier.

Just a few more steps up. This is like when I waited for that promotion.

His paced slowed slightly. He turned and looked behind. The bottom of the steps didn't seem that far away.

Just a few more. This reminds me of how long it took me to start a family. Sure doesn't seem that long ago that I tried.

The top kept eluding him.

Just a few more steps. This is like waiting for retirement or having my first grandchild.

He needed to get to the top. His whole life consisted of reaching goals, but those steps kept going. No matter how many he walked, the beginning seemed so close behind and the end out of reach.

Just a f…

Yes You Can Publish A Book In A Hurricane

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As Hurricane Irene blows her winds and drops her rains in the Philadelphia suburbs, you might think there's nothing a person can do but sit around and hope for the best. Will I get water in my house? Will tree limbs fall? Will my power go out?
That last question is very important. You see, times have changed. In the publishing world, you couldn't do what I did, and especially during a hurricane. I published a book, yes a book, during a hurricane. Could we have said that  five years ago? Imagine the conversation:
"So what did you do during the hurricane? Unload buckets of water from your basement," Tim says.
"That, and I published a book," Mark says.
"Yeah, right."
Well...yeah...right. Today we can say that. During Hurricane Irene, I self-published the last story, a novella, in Book 1 of the Miscorrection serie…

Sundown (Miscorrection)

In the final story in Book 1 of the Miscorrection series, the six-planet solar system appears to be at peace. With Panacea well established and the trusted guidance of the system's president, Daniel, the future looks bright.
However, the Karhath have other plans for the future, and their goal is to gain the power they have long sought after.
While the sunrise brightens hope, sundown brings darkness, and results in appearances that are not always what they seem. One question remains: What side will the six-planet system find itself on? 

This story is included in the ebook All My Fiction. Pay Once—Read Forever

This eBook is available at the following locations:

Kindle USKindle UKKindle DE




Can’t decide if you want to purchase the story? An excerpt is below.

If you have an Amazon Kindle and rather not read the excerpt on the site, you can use the “Send To Kindle” app for your browser or smartphone to read it there. Details can be found on http://klip.meEnjoy!

Begun This Novel Has

It finally happened. Last week, I sat down and started writing my novel. My attempt at a longer story than I have ever done before. Yes, I'm shooting for an end of year release, and yes, I might not make it. I know I'll have it written in time, but it's the proofing and editing stages that are currently in question. We'll see what happens.
I'm sure most people think that it is a daunting task. In fact, I used to think that way. Then, under the pen name of B.C. Young, I wrote novelettes and short stories. As I prepared for the novel, I wrote an outline of what I plan to accomplish chapter by chapter.
I realized two things when I did this:

A novel is just a longer story. Sure there's more character development and description and stuff. But at the end of the day, it's just a long story.
My outline got the story focused in my mind, but I find that I'm writing against it. I'm changing drastically what the story is and the outline has become more of the back…


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"These are for you," Eric said.

Cathy examined the gift. They were a dozen stems with the flower buds still waiting to develop. Not a very romantic gift in her opinion. She'd prefer full on blooming roses.

"Oh...well...thank you," she said. She had no idea what to say. Maybe that they were the most ridiculous romantic gesture she had seen in her life?

"I'm not done," Eric said. "Watch this?"

As she held the dud flowers in her hand, he reached out and touched one of the undeveloped buds. As soon as he did, it grew before her eyes until it became a blooming white rose.

"Wow...that's...that's." She didn't know what to say.

Eric touched the remaining 11 flowers, and each one grew to full bloom before her eyes. Cathy didn't know what to think. She'd never seen anything…


"It was the look in your father’s eyes that finally convinced me." Rena said
“Convinced you of what?” Ronny said.
“That you’re not my Ronny.”
How did she find out? He never thought it could happen.
“He brought me here, because where I’m from, I died.”
“He brought you here to replace my Ronny.” A couple tears grouped in her eyes, then rolled down her cheeks. “He didn’t know he’d be saving your life.”
Ronny’s head bent low. What would she do now? Send him back.
Rena reached out her hand and ran it through Ronny’s hair. She looked into his eyes a second longer and smiled.
“But I’ll love you just the same. I just feel awful for your mother on the other side.”
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Miscorrection Update

It's been a couple of months since I announced the delay of the next Miscorrection story, Sundown. It's now in the capable hands of Jeff Ambrose, who is proofreading it. Though I'm sure he'll have a few suggestions, too.
I can say without a doubt this will be the best Miscorrection story yet. If you haven't read any of the other stories, or perhaps only one or two, this is the one to read. Think of it like those two-hour season finales you watch of your favorite TV show. Even if you missed some episodes during the season, you make sure not to miss the finale, because you know some important stuff is going to happen.
In the spirit of a season finale, Sundown clocks in at around 28,000 words. Wowsa! That takes it from being a novelette, like the other stories, to a novella.
So why did it become the longest piece so far in the series? Characters.
I paid a lot of attention to the character behavior and relationships in this one. Yes, big events will happen not only to the …

Unspoken Stories

A collection of five short stories to entertain and stimulate the mind. These stories were almost never told, but they were saved from being unspoken.

The collection includes the following science fiction stories (Click the titles to read a 50% excerpt of the story):

Copy Bird: Bill is trapped and lonely. He breaks free of his prison and finds something he doesn't expect.

Going Home: Promises are important to keep, and Commander Patrick Murphy never wants to forget that.

Josie Dorri And The Coffee Ban: What if the government banned coffee? See what happens to Josie Dorri when they do.

The Present: Miles Gray has a good life, but doesn't realize it. Often, a trip through time is all that is needed to open up a person's eyes to how good they have it. 

Running To Keep Her: Neil is obsessed with exercise and eating right, but it's not for his health that he does it. He does it to keep her.

Read, enjoy, and open up your mind...

eBook edition available at the following locations:



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"What do you suppose is on the other side?" Cindy asked Kevin.

Kevin thought the same thing about Cindy's heart. He stared at her, and got lost in her large eyes. He waited patiently for her to speak more words; the sound calmed him. The wind blew slightly, causing strands off hair to fall over her face, which she quickly brushed aside.

"Don't know," Kevin said.

"Why don't you find out?" Cindy said.

He'd do anything for her. He reached out, grabbed the door's ring handle, and opened it. He entered the room, only to find it empty, with white walls, and another door, exactly like the one he entered on the other side.  Above the door was a sign that said:

Exit From Whence You Came

"That's weird," Kevin said aloud.


The door behind him shut. He tried to open it, but it was locke…

Knock 'Em Dead

“You point it at a group of people and it’ll obliterate everything in its path.” Robin said.
“I don’t understand.” Rosanne said.
“Trust me, it’s comic genius. Especially if you get the timing down right.”
Roseanne stuck out her finger towards Robin. She didn’t find it very funny.
“So what?”
“The next part is important. Make sure everyone is laughing really hard. Keep the finger just as you have it then say ‘Hey you! Pull my finger.’ If you can time it right with the sound, you’re gold!”
Roseanne practiced it with the rest of her routine. When she performed it that night, it went over well. Almost too, well. While her other jokes were indeed funnier, the timing of that one sent the audience into a howl and she thought they were going to die from laughter.

Who Am I? or What's In A Name?

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Today, I was going to post more about the novel I'm writing  I need to start writing if I ever expect to make my deadline of self-publishing it by the end of the year. But I'm not going to write anything about the novel, except for a moment at the end of this post.
Some of you might wonder who I am. Right now, you only know my name, Desmond Shepherd. But is that really my name?
No. It's not.
So what is my name? Well, look around this site, in particular the right column of this post, and you'll see who I am. Then you'll understand that Desmond Shepherd is just a pen name. It' s a name I will use for writing novels and other material that doesn't fall into what I consider the B.C. Young umbrella.

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This story is a sequel to the story Morning.

I still haven't heard from them, but I don't think I mind so much anymore.

Most days, as the signal reaches into space, I sit on a  large, gray rock. My flute—I picked it up in a nearby town—keeps me company as I play music to the valley below.

I never have been in such a peaceful place, or experienced quite this tranquility. Rumor has it that other parts of the planet aren't much different than mine was.

But I don't care. I could sit here on these mountains, enjoying the view, and playing my music for a long time. And if the signal never reaches any of my brothers, I'll be fine. Life here would be just right.

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Guest Post: Two Infallible Writing Truths

Over the past six months, I received a lot of advice from people on writing. No one has helped me more than writer Jeff Ambrose. I'm happy to say that he agreed to do a guest post for my site, and it's one that no writer should miss. This advice is important. In fact, it's helped me in ways I never imagined. So follow it closely, and you'll no doubt see the same positive effects on not only your writing, but your writing habits.
Two Infallible Writing Truths
by Jeff Ambrose
Today, I finished a final edit of a short story. Next stop, my wife, who will proof it for me. Then it's off to press.
Like almost all of my stories, this one (which will remain nameless) started with great promise and excitement. Coming off a writing workshop, I had real hopes for it. But unlike most of my short stories, this one ended (for me) with a thud.
That's to say: I don't care too much for it.
Yet, I'm going to publish it. Why would I do such a thing? Because about a year ago I ac…


“Quick, what time is it?” Stan said.

“10:33,” Rick answered.

“Shoot. We’ll have to try something different. Grab that block, and smash it on my head.”

“It’ll kill you if I do that.”

“Doesn’t matter. It might be the only way out of this.”

Rick picked up the large cinder block, while Stan rested his head on the table. He raised it up high in the air, and then brought it down with enough force to crush his skull. Blood splattered some. Then everything reversed again.

“Quick, what time is it?” Stan said.

“10:33,” Rick answered.

“Shoot. We’ll have to try something different...”

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Jace and Cameron stood at the street corner waiting for the little Walking Man light to give them the go ahead to cross.

Then, the phone in the booth behind them began to ring, loudly.

Ring, ring! — Ring, ring!

"Huh?" Jace said. "Haven't heard a ring like that in years."

"Go answer it." Cameron said.

Jace  approached the phone, and tried to figure out how it worked. The phone handle was nearly snapped in two. From all he could see, the thing looked like it hadn't been used in years. He picked up the phone, holding the mouthpiece in one hand and the earpiece in the other.


"There's a..." The voice on the other end was full of static, and broken speech. "Corner of Pine and Wilson.."

"Hello," Jace said again. The person on the other line didn't stop tal…

July 2011 Sales Numbers

Here's the first post with monthly sales numbers. I plan to post these once every month. I'll list all the eBooks I have for sale and the amounts they sold during the month, even if the number is zero. I've also updated the  Sales Numbers page with the total current sales numbers as of July 31, 2011.

Paid Sales for the month of July 2011 are:

7 -All My Fiction

3 - The Present
1 - Running To Keep Her
0 - Sunrise (Miscorrection)
0 - Copy Bird
0 - Arrogation (Miscorrection)
0 - Going Home
0 - Felix Culpa (Miscorrection)
0 - Awry (Miscorrection)
0 - Panacea (Miscorrection)
0 - Josie Dorri And The Coffee Ban

I have also changed the pricing scheme for my eBooks. I did this based off of this post: The Real Problem With $.99 Ebooks. The structure sounded good, and I like that the price can help identify the length of the work. While I know it's impossible, I hope other indie authors adopt this same structure. I feel if they do, it can stabilize the prices of eBooks consumers search for, an…