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July 2011 Sales Numbers

Here's the first post with monthly sales numbers. I plan to post these once every month. I'll list all the eBooks I have for sale and the amounts they sold during the month, even if the number is zero. I've also updated the   Sales Numbers page with the total current sales numbers as of July 31, 2011. Paid  Sales for the month of July 2011 are: 7 -   All My Fiction 3 -  The Present 1 -  Running To Keep Her 0 -  Sunrise (Miscorrection) 0 -  Copy Bird 0 -  Arrogation (Miscorrection) 0 -  Going Home 0 -  Felix Culpa (Miscorrection) 0 -  Awry (Miscorrection) 0 -  Panacea (Miscorrection) 0 -  Josie Dorri And The Coffee Ban I have also changed the pricing scheme for my eBooks. I did this based off of this post: The Real Problem With $.99 Ebooks . The structure sounded good, and I like that the price can help identify the length of the work. While I know it's impossible, I hope other indie authors adopt this same structure. I feel if they do, it can stab