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October 2011 Sales Numbers

October was a steady month for books sales at Forever Young Publishing. Below are the numbers, and I couldn't be happier. While I would have liked to see an increase in sales as I have the previous months, remaining steady was good. There is a positive sign to this months numbers. Last month, Copy Bird  made up most of my 37 sales. This month, while it did have the largest amount of sales at 13, the numbers are a lot more diverse. I think I know why, too. In September I released Miscorrection: Book 1 (Sunrise to Sundown) . It's the complete collection of all the stories that make up Book 1 in the series. If you were to download the sample of the eBook for your Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook , you could actually read the first story in the series, Sunrise , free. Since that was the case, I thought it would only be fair that I offer the standalone of Sunrise  for free, too! This has resulted in sales of the other stories, which is great to see. I'm hoping it co