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Why The Lorax Scares Me!

Credit: Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment
From the time I was a child, my favorite Dr. Seuss book was The Lorax. There are plenty of reasons why that was and is still the case.
First, the story is fantastic. It hits the point home that being focused on our greed can have an ill effect on ourselves, our family, our friends, and our environment. While the message may not have been so clear to me as a child, when I read the book now, I'm impressed with the moral issues it addresses without being preachy about them.
Another great thing about the book is the characters. The Lorax himself, with his iconic "old-man" mustache, speaks for the trees and loves the place where he lives. As I read the tale as a child and now as an adult, I can always hear the deep, rough voice of The Lorax. I don't know who designated him the spokesman for the trees, but try as he might, the Once-ler, whose face we never see, ignores all the Lorax's gripes. To the Once-ler, the h…

Miscorrection: Dimensions

The Karhath Empire assassinated President Daniel and took control of the six-planet system 200 years ago. Their rise to power marked the end of peace and prosperity.
A secret rebellion called the Diamonds has found a way to travel to alternate realities. They are in search of a reality where the Karhath never gained power, hoping to discover a way to end their regime.

For Jago, a Diamonds' agent, the task is more important than anything because the Karhath cruelly murdered his parents. But when Jago disagrees with the Diamonds' decision to end the Karhath Empire, he must choose to follow them or take his own path.  

Available at the following locations:

Print edition available at Amazon and CreateSpace.

 Miscorrection: Dimensions (Excerpt)
Copyright © 2012 B.C. Young
Chapter 1
The building had a familiar look to it, but at the same time, it was different. A yellow light cast a dull hue along the walls, illuminating the white exterior. There were at least 20 windows on the two-story bu…

Creating the Correct Cover for Miscorrection: Dimensions

The time is fast approaching for Miscorrection: Dimensions to release for the Kindle, Nook, iPad, and other eReader devices. While the story is the most important aspect of the book, it's important that I make a good cover, too. Without a good cover, it could prevent people from taking a peek inside.
A couple of months ago, before the release of Fram Gage and The Infinite Ability, I wrote a post under my Desmond Shepherd pen name where I outlined four steps to creating an eBook cover. Following those guidelines, I created the Miscorrection: Dimensions cover. Although I needed to keep some things in mind since this is a series.
For one, it's a series. That makes it important that I make the cover unique yet similar to the previous cover. So that was my starting point:

As you can see, the title, byline, and the orange bars are the template. The image in the center is tied to the book. For Dimensions I needed to change this. First, I used to find an image that I felt …

The Progress of Miscorrection 2

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My posts recently have been somewhat eclectic, straying from the usual focus of my current writing project and the progress I'm making.

So here's a boring post about that.

Near the end of November, just after I finished and published Fram Gage and The Infinite Ability under the pen name Desmond Shepherd, I began writing the next book in the Miscorrectionseries. As mentioned in a previous post, I decided against writing smaller stories as I did with Preludes, instead opting to write the next book as a novel.

My plan had been to finished the first draft by January 31, 2012. I missed that mark, but did finish it the next day, February 1, 2012. So things are on schedule.

The book will clock in somewhere around 73,000 words. Did I plan this? No. While I focus on word count for my daily goals to finish a project, I don't have an intended word …

January 2012 eBook Sales Numbers

Another month has passed by and now it's time for me to reveal my sales numbers for January 2012.

I should note that my reporting of these numbers is changing with the new year. Without going into details, not all numbers are received from all sources on the first of the month. In the past, once I received them, I lumped them into the current month's report. I'm changing this procedure now, instead reporting the numbers exactly as they fall in each month.

This means, when I post my report on the first of each month, the numbers will be low. But, as I receive numbers, I will update the post to reflect the new sales total for the month. I will also update the Sales Numbers page which reflects my total sales since I began selling books. I ended up doing this with December 2011, so those numbers have all been updated to reflect my sales up to December 31, 2011.

Also, because numbers are fun, I plan to post my total earnings from my sales, too. Although this will only be on the mo…