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March 2012 Sales Numbers

The month of March was much better than February for my book sales. Nothing like December, but satisfactory at least. Instead of listing all of my books, even those with zero sales, I will only list the books that sold. Also, I have updated the Sales Numbers page totals to reflect these sales. Let's hope I see an upward trend in the coming months! Paid  Sales for March 2012: 3  -  Miscorrection: Dimensions 1 -  All My Fiction 1 - Don't Blink 1 -  Fram Gage and The Infinite Ability 1  -  Fram Gage and The Infinite Ability  (Print Edition) 1 -  Felix Culpa (Miscorrection) 1 -  Going Home 1 -  Miscorrection: Preludes 1 -  The Present 1 -  Sunrise (Miscorrection) Paid Sales Total: 12 Money Earned: $23.93