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Unpublishing All My Fiction

For an author, the best thing to do is write and publish as many books as possible. The more books you have available, the more likely you'll be discovered, and the more potential readers you'll gain.

For me, that has been the purpose of my writing. Last year in June, I had this crazy idea to also publish a book that contained all my published works in one volume called All My Fiction. Because it is an eBook, I would update it whenever I wrote another piece under the B.C. Young name.

At first, the book became my fastest seller. And why not? For a flat rate, whoever purchased it could get everything I wrote. I still think it is a great idea, especially because it benefits the reader many times over.

Here I sit in May 2012, and I realize I can't do it anymore. Not because I'm losing money or anything like that. Rather, the eBook submission process across multiple channels creates a challenge for updating the book and distributing to those who have purchased. It also has bec…

Fram Gage & The Three Adversaries

Fram Gage wakes up in Biality Orphanage after a three year coma. His best friend Lanker has become an angry, bitter person and wants nothing to do with him. Fram hopes to mend their relationship. Before he can, three adversaries with Super Strength, Teleportation, and Super Speed abilities stand in his way. Fram can match them hit for hit and blow for blow with his Infinite ability. But there is something familiar about his foes. When Fram realizes what it is, they become the key to gaining back his best friend.
Available at the following locations:

Print edition available at Amazon and CreateSpace.
Fram Gage and The Three Adversaries
Chapter 1 Excerpt
© 2012 Desmond Shepherd
“Sean! Get me out of here, or he’ll die!”
The voice rammed into Sean’s ears with a dull thud. A black void caressed him, telling him to sleep. He attempted to move his arms and legs, but he was paralyzed. In the distance, children loudly played. Their joyful screams relaxing him. But that voice, yelling at him with an i…

Staying Awake Creates a Nightmare

This post is simply one to complain.
A couple months ago, I began watching the television show Awake. The premise—a man is in a car accident with his family and finds himself in two realities where one has his wife surviving the crash and the other his son surviving the crash, every time he falls asleep and wakes up he finds himself in the other reality—seemed perfect for all sorts of fun plot lines.
And it is! Some of the episodes of this show have been so intense I can't believe it. Over the past few weeks, I kept thinking that I was watching the season finale of the show each time it aired. But it wasn't. That's how good this show is.
So where's my complaint?
Here it is: The show has been cancelled!
Now, I will get over it. But with today's multiple avenues to watch TV, can we really trust Nielsen all the way? Can a network allow a show to go off the air because they can't track the complete number of potential viewers now and in the future? Netfl…

Kettle Corn Recipe

[caption id="attachment_2497" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Photo © Iperl /[/caption]
There's nothing like watching a movie together as a family and eating some hot popcorn with it. In my family, we really love to make kettle corn. The mixture of sweet and salty, along with the crunch popcorn, combine to make the perfect snack.
It's also a great snack because my daughter has a lot of food allergies, so she can't eat the normal buttery popcorn most people enjoy. Kettle corn allows her to enjoy the same snack food with us, which makes her smile from ear to ear.
If you haven't tried kettle corn, I suggest you try making it using the recipe below. If you like it, but never made it, the same applies.
1/3 Cup of Vegetable/Canola Oil
1/3 Cup of Sugar
2/3 Cup of  Popcorn (white or yellow and unpopped)
4-5 pinches of Sea Salt (or regular salt)
I highly suggest you use an aluminum popcorn popping pot with a crank in it…

Signed Copies of Fram Gage Now Available

I have some great news. I currently have 7 copies of Fram Gage and The Infinite Ability available. These also come with a FREE bookmark so you don't lose your spot as your read the book.

I'm offering these for $7.99, which is $2.00 cheaper than what they cost without a signature and bookmark. That's quite the deal if you ask me! Which you didn't, but I'm telling you anyway.

If you would like a copy of the book, click the PayPal buy button below, buy it, and I will ship it out to you!

April 2012 Sales Numbers

Below are my book sales numbers for April 2012. I'll let the numbers do the talking. I've also updated the Sales Numbers page with the current total sales of my books.

If you bought one of my books during April, I thank you greatly.


April 2012 Sales Numbers

3 - The Present
3 - Sunrise (Miscorrection)
2 -Fram Gage and The Infinite Abiltiy (Print Edition)
1 - Awry (Miscorrection)
1 - Copy Bird
1 - Felix Culpa (Miscorrection)
1 - Panacea (Miscorrection)
1 - Sundown (Miscorrection)

Total Sales: 13

Total Money Earned: $21.38