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Mono is more than missing a right or left speaker

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Over more than three weeks now my writing, editing, and proofing under B.C. Young or Desmond Shepherd has been nonexistent. Fram Gage and The Three Adversaries was supposed to release this past Friday, June 15th but didn't. I haven't tweeted much. In fact, I haven't even checked my book sales that often.


Because somehow, at the age of 34, well beyond when most people would experience it, I have Mono. For a good week and a half, I had no idea I had it. I finally went to the doctor after having a fever for 5 days and feeling completely fatigued. They did some blood tests and it came back positive for Mono.

So my weeks have consisted of trying to work my full-time job but eventually taking off from it last week. You would think that extra time in bed would lend itself to getting the next Fram Gage book out. But nope. I am so tired and drained that I haven't had the will or energy to do it or anything else for that matter. Well, except watch episode after episode of Frasier. (Thanks Netflix.) And this persistent sore throat doesn't help either.

I've read that Mono can last anywhere from two weeks to two months. Someone I know actually had it for three. Ugh!

Where does this leave me? Well my goal of four novels published this year is completely shot. Until I get up the energy, I'm not doing any writing. This doesn't discourage me in the least because all I'm really concerned about is feeling like myself again. And I'll admit, I'm beginning to forget what that feels like.

Don't feel sorry for me. We all go through things like this in our life and it's just a natural obstacle I need to overcome. Until then, Fram Gage is delayed indefinitely but should still release this summer. Miscorrection 3 will also be delayed as a result. As will the third Fram Gage book I planned to release this year.

It's all kind of ironic though. For most of my left I have been about 90% deaf in my left ear. Now I have two types of Mono. ;)


  1. Wow man, that's rough. I got mono when I was 22. I remember having to take antibiotics for it, and I had antibiotics. I got chicken pox pretty late... I was 18. That was horrid. Actually I had chicken pox twice... but apparently it was too light of a case when I was 9, so 9 years later I got it again. Fortunately it didn't come back for a visit when I turned 27 to see how I was doing. Anyway, hope you get back to stereo soon. BTW, I don't think I ever knew you were mostly deaf in one ear.

  2. Thanks.
    They say that like chicken pox, the older you are when you get mono, the worse it is. And yep, my hearing has been that way ever since I can remember.

  3. You're having what Dean & Kris call a "life event," and there's nothing you can do about writing until the event is over. Dean had a Big Life Event last year when his long-time friend died and left him executer of his will. I had a small (yet) good life event when we moved and I realized writing wasn't going to happen until we were settled more.

    And don't be so quick to think that your four-novels for the year is shot. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. You might be surprised what this unintended rest from writing does for your creative energy.

    Either way, rest up man, and get better soon.

  4. Thanks, Jeff.
    Part of me thinks my body wanted the rest. Between my full time job, writing every morning before going to work, and other responsibilities, I was going constantly. In a way, it has been very nice to give my mind a rest.
    Though writing a short story sequel to Copy Bird keeps surfacing. I'm thinking that will be my first project when I'm back up to the task.

  5. I am sorry to here you have mono. I do hope you feel better by next month so I can see you on my trip out there. We will be at the Thursday meeting the week of July 18th. But I believe we are going with Mike on an away talk that Sunday.

  6. Thanks, Joe. I should be fine by then. I look forward to seeing you again.


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