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Cigarettes, Nicotine Gum, & Cold Turkey

This past week, my daughter got sick. The poor thing had trouble breathing and it turns out she has some form of bronchitis. Naturally, the doctor—I like to call them legal drug dealers—prescribed some medicine for her.
I went to my local Walgreens to pick up the prescription. For those who don't know, Walgreens is a nationwide pharmacy that also sells groceries, greeting cards, and other items. Think of it like a grocery store with access to all kinds of drugs, not just the over-the-counter kinds.
I had to wait for the prescription to be ready. Sitting there waiting, I got bored and started to think. When I walked into this pharmacy—which is supposed to be centered around health and wellness—shelving full of cigarettes stood behind the clerk at the front counter.
That's odd. Why would they put that there? Why would they sell them at all? Like candy in the checkout line, they've placed them to be an impulse buy. What's worse is, they put them out of reach. If they did tha…

Self-Publishing On Google Play Books - Part 2

UPDATE: Google has revamped their system, making it more user friendly. Some of the points below may no longer apply to their system.

Last week, I wrote a post outlining some of the pros and cons of self-publishing on Google Play Books. This week, I'm going to explain their system and make it easy for you to understand.
Unlike other self-publishing platforms, Google's has a couple of confusing steps that lead to self-publishing with them. They are as follows:

Add your book(s) to the Preview Program
Add your book(s) for sale on Google Books.
The above steps are now joined together and in a better user interface.

Now, being that there are only two main steps above, you would think it is easy. But for some reason it isn't. Below are more detailed explanations on each of the listed items. (Note: This information assumes you have an EPUB file and ISBN ready for your book. If not, the process becomes more complicated.)
1. Add Books to the Preview Program
First, you need to add your …

eBook Weekly Deal - 7/26/12

I nearly forgot about the weekly deal!

And this is a good one. My latest novel, Fram Gage and The Three Adversaries, is up for grabs. It is only $0.99!!! That's right. The regular cost is $6.99. So this is quite the deal. More details on the book are below. If you click the link and it is still at its regular price, just keep checking back.

This deal will end tomorrow afternoon.

Fram Gage wakes up in Biality Orphanage after a three year coma. His best friend Lanker has become an angry, bitter person and wants nothing to do with him. Fram hopes to mend their relationship. Before he can, three adversaries with Super Strength, Teleportation, and Super Speed abilities stand in his way. Fram can match them hit for hit and blow for blow with his Infinite ability. But there is something familiar about his foes. When Fram realizes what it is, they become the key to gaining back his best friend.

Available at the following locations for only $0.99!!! This deal ends the afternoon of 7/27/12:

Beach Camping at Assateague Island

Two weeks ago, my family and I went camping for a couple of days at Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland. Below are a few pictures from the trip.
There are a couple things I learned about beach camping. First, setting up a tent with the beach breeze can get difficult. Building a fire with the beach breeze constantly swirling can make for quite the chore to get the fire burning. And beach sand, though soft to walk on, gets as hard as a rock when you sleep on it.
The great thing though is having the beach just outside your tent. After walking over the dunes from walk-in campsite #46, there is a beautiful view of the beach. Because campers are only in this section of the island, it is like having a private beach. On the days we were out, very few people were on the beach.
Of course, the draw for the island are the wild horses. There are a lot of warnings about keeping food in your car and not your tent because the horses will try to get it. We didn't run into any problems, bu…

Self-Publishing On Google Play Books - Part 1

UPDATE: Google has revamped their system, making it more user friendly. Some of the points below may no longer apply to their system.

This is the first of two posts about Google Play Books. The second post is available now. I'm looking at this from the perspective of an author who wants to self-publish on the Google Play (Android) platform.
I'm doing this as a service to fellow writers and self-publishers out there. Of all the self-publishing platforms I've used, Google's is the most difficult to understand. My advice should help you in your quest to make your books available to the largest number of people on this side of the galaxy.
This first post will deal with the pros and cons of the platform. My next post (sometime next week) will tackle the near insurmountable task of getting books on the platform for sale.
The Pros of Google Play Books
There are a number of things I like about the platform. It is worldwide, which means you can sell in places like the United Sta…

eBook Weekly Deal - 7/18/12

I'm happy to say that the eBook Weekly Deal is now extended to Barnes & Noble and Kobo Books! Also this week, I began writing the final Miscorrection book.
With that being the case, I figured I should offer the first book in the Miscorrection Trilogy, Miscorrection: Preludes, at a discount. Normally, the eBook is priced at $5.99. But I'm offering it for $2.99 on July 18, 2012 only! That's 50% off.
For those who don't know, Miscorrection is the series that started me on my writing path. Miscorrection: Preludes contains six total stories. While each of the stories stands on its own, they do entwine with each other like a vine climbing up a tree.
Miscorrection: Preludes is 50% off July 18, 2012 only from Amazon, Kobo Books, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. Don't miss this great deal!

Miscorrection 3 Writing Begins - Follow Along!

On Monday, I plan to finally begin writing Miscorrection 3. I'm way behind schedule on getting this started due to being sick for a month.
But that's okay. It's given me time to consider my approach to the third and final book in the trilogy. I think I've got it. But honestly, once I start writing it, I might find it doesn't work. That's the case with any story, which is what makes writing scary and fun all at the same time.
For Miscorrection 3, I thought I would do something unique as a way of promotion. I want to give readers and writers out there a chance to see my writing process. To do this, I'm going to use Google+ Hangouts. Each week, I will create a hangout where you can see my ugly mug and watch as I write Miscorrection 3. This will be on one day Monday through Friday.
I think doing this will benefit readers because they can see how a writer works. At least me, I know all writers have their own methods for sitting down to write.
I also think it can ben…

eBook Weekly Deal - 7/13/12

I'm a little late on the eBook Weekly Deal this week because I was away for a few days. My family and I went camping at Assateague Island. I'll have a post with pictures about the trip some time next week.
This week's deal is on my eBook Don't Blink. It is a collection of 40 flash fiction stories. Most of them are in the science fiction genre, but some of them aren't. I'd like to think of these stories as somewhat poetic. Included with the eBook is the short story Running to Keep Her. So not only are you getting a discount you are getting an extra story on top of it. Don't Blink is regularly $2.99. But on July 13, 2012 only you can get it for $0.99  on Amazon and Smashwords.
Don’t Blink contains 40 flash fiction tales. Most of the stories are in the science fiction genre, though a good number tend to break this rule. The stories say a lot despite having so few words.

Give Don’t Blink a read. It’s sure to make you laugh, think, and maybe even cry. But be …

Hollywood Brings World Peace

Francis Corolla has been put in charge of an impossible assignment. He has to find a way to make world peace.

He never expects to find the solution. When he does, it comes from the most unlikely source: Hollywood.

Available at the following locations:

Hollywood Brings World Peace
© Desmond Shepherd
Every day Francis Corolla went to his job. Despite the commission given to him by the president of the United States, the job carried very little stress.
That’s why, early every morning when he arrived at work, he would grab a fresh cup of black coffee from the kitchen just outside his office. He would pour it in a white mug with a giant number one on it and in very small letters “DAD” underneath. He would go to his office—a room with glass walls with a view to all the others below him who worked on a project that would never come to completion—and he would sit down in his plush, leather desk chair, lean back, and slowly sip his coffee.
A few minutes would pass. He would turn on his compu…

eBook Weekly Deal - 7/4/2012

***UPDATE: The discounted pricing went up late. The promotion has been extended until the morning of July 5, 2012.****
Before I announce this week's weekly deal on one of my eBooks, I wanted to make sure you knew that my latest book, Fram Gage and The Three Adversaries, is now available for the Amazon Kindle and on Smashwords. It's coming soon to Nook and the iTunes store. The print edition of the book should be available within the week.
Given what my new release is, I thought it would be proper to offer the first book in the Fram Gage series at a discount for this week's weekly deal. Today only, you can get Fram Gage and The Infinite Ability for 50% off. That's $3.00 even! The discounted eBook is available at the discounted rate on Amazon and on Smashwords.
Fram Gage lives in Biality Orphanage. It's an okay place, except for The Ability Chamber, which is a fantastic arena within the orphanage where the children compete and race using superhuman abilities such …

Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale July 2012

Begin post.

Smashwords is doing another site-wide promotion for eBooks and I'm joining it. During the month of July all of my eBooks will be 50% off on Smashwords using coupon code SSW50. That means Copy Bird, Miscorrection: Preludes, Fram Gage and The Infinite Ability, and more!!!

You can see a complete listing of my books on the Forever Young Publishing Smashwords page.

End post