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Tie the Knot with The Truelove Knot

A friend of mine recently posted a YouTube video showing a new knot for tying a tie. He calls it The Truelove Knot. It's a pretty cool and creative knot, and you can watch how to make the knot in the video below.

After seeing the video, I decided to give The Truelove Knot a try. Having never attempted the knot, I played his video and tried to make it with another friend. The results of my efforts are below.

Be sure to comment below or head over to the video showing how to make the knot and let Eliot know what you think of it.

And here is my attempt to do the knot.

Baby Young Gender Reveal

Will it be a boy? Will it be a girl? Maybe even twins? (Oh my!)

My wife and I are having a baby (our third) and you can find out the gender when we do! The live broadcast is done, but the edited version of the video below. The complete unedited version can be found on YouTube. You can view it on this web page, or if you prefer on YouTube at the link below.


Futan Vice: The Trouble On Drabble (Excerpt)

Below is a snippet (a snippet is a very small section of something, in this case it is:) of my latest book, Futan Vice: The Trouble On Drabble. It's possible this snippet (definition above) is enough to whet your appetite and make you want to read more. It's also possible that this snippet (see previous sentence which will direct you to the first sentence for the definition) bores you. Maybe this snippet (you know the drill) makes you shrug your shoulders and say, "Let's get pizza!"
Whatever the case, Futan Vice: The Trouble On Drabble is available now for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Futan Vice: The Trouble On Drabble (Excerpt)
© Desmond Shepherd
“Yes," Silas said. "I couldn’t ever do this job anyway. It’s not the type of thing my people are accustomed to. We want to help, but seeing patterns is beyond us.”
“Your people?" Matt asked. "What are you an alien?” It would certainly explain the oddities in his appearance.
“You’re better than I thought. …