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Futan Vice: The Trouble On Drabble (Excerpt)

Below is a snippet (a snippet is a very small section of something, in this case it is:) of my latest book, Futan Vice: The Trouble On Drabble. It's possible this snippet (definition above) is enough to whet your appetite and make you want to read more. It's also possible that this snippet (see previous sentence which will direct you to the first sentence for the definition) bores you. Maybe this snippet (you know the drill) makes you shrug your shoulders and say, "Let's get pizza!"

Whatever the case, Futan Vice: The Trouble On Drabble is available now for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Futan Vice: The Trouble On Drabble (Excerpt)

© Desmond Shepherd

TroubleDrabble“Yes," Silas said. "I couldn’t ever do this job anyway. It’s not the type of thing my people are accustomed to. We want to help, but seeing patterns is beyond us.”

“Your people?" Matt asked. "What are you an alien?” It would certainly explain the oddities in his appearance.

“You’re better than I thought. Yes, I am an alien by your definition. On my world, I’m called a sutran. And I need your help.”

Matt furrowed his brow in disbelief. Who did this guy think he was trying to say he’s an alien? Just leave like all the others before you.

“Very funny,” Matt said. “I haven’t heard that one before.”

“You don’t believe me? I guess I should prove it.”

Silas used his right hand and grabbed his left wrist. He dug the fingers into it and slid them toward the fingers. The skin around the hand pushed upward, wrinkling like unironed clothes. He slid the skin off his long pencil-like fingers, exposing a light blue hand. The shape was the same with translucent bubbles where the knuckles would be on a human and also on the fingertips.

“You see. I’m an alien by your definition.”

Matt gasped in a deep breath. He tried to talk but couldn’t form the words because his body wouldn’t release the air.

Silas slapped his blue hand on his forehead and said, “Of course, you’re in shock. Where are my manners? I apologize.”

Silas put his hand to his mouth, cleared his throat, brought the hand away in a large sweeping motion and said, “I am Silas of Drabble, fourth planet in the XoX system. And I uh … uh … what’s the way to do this again?” Silas balled his hand in a fist and tapped his forehead with it. “Oh yes!” Silas raised his hand to his side, the fingers and thumb sticking straight into the air. “I come in peace.”

Available at the following locations:

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Print edition available at Amazon and CreateSpace.


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