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Imaginary Me's Book Blurb

One of the hardest things to do when it comes to releasing a new book, for me at least, is the book blurb. It's a fine line between something that bores the reader and something that grabs their attention. After all, if you can't interest them in a few sentences that explain what the book is about, why should they expect to be interested in reading the entire book?

Over the past few years of publishing books, I've learned a lot about the basics of writing a good book blurb. When it comes down to it, the blurb should follow these three points in order:

It should establish the setting of the story
It should establish the problem in the story
It should establish the goal to fix the problem in the story (or the hook)

I've followed those guidelines through the release of my past few books, and I've done so successfully.

The last thing in the formula is to make sure the blurb is written in an active voice. It should denote action. It usually works out that way quite naturally …

Why Imaginary Friends?

[caption id="attachment_2965" align="alignleft" width="100"] Coming March 15, 2013[/caption]

As stated previously, my next book comes out March 15, 2013 and is called Imaginary Me.

Why that title?

When I considered the concept for the book, I can't remember if I came up with the title or premise first. Regardless, I think the title says a lot about the book.

Does Imaginary Me have you thinking that the story is about someone with an imaginary friend? If it does, you're on the money. But in my deciding to write the story, I thought it would be interesting to write it from the perspective, not of the one imagining the friend, but the imaginary friend instead.

Not only did this idea intrigue me, it added a level of challenge to writing the story, to establishing the conflict, and making it interesting for the reader.

Did I succeed in doing this?

I think I did, and it will be up to readers to decide for themselves if I did, too.

One of the toughest parts of w…

Futan Vice Available On Old-School Paper

Just a quick note to let you know that Futan Vice: The Trouble On Drabble will be available in paperback on March 1, 2013. It took two months from the time the digital release came out to make the print version available. For those of you waiting for it in print because you love the smell of paper and ink and shipping boxes and the glue on packing tape, get your clicking finger ready to buy the book next week. It will be available through CreateSpace and Amazon. I'll post another self-promoting post next week when it's available.

For those of you who love the smell of plastic and eInk and LCD screens and finger smudges, you could always get it in eBook form at the following locations right now and at half the cost (that's right, the smell of paper and ink and shipping boxes and glue on packing tape is more expensive):

Available at the following locations:

Announcing My Next Book

I'm happy to announce that I'm gearing up for the release of my next book. It is called Imaginary Me and will be available on March 15, 2013 for your favorite eReader.

Over the coming weeks leading up to the release, I will give more details about the book. These will include my experiences while I wrote the book, what it is about, and more.

Today, I reveal the cover for the book. As with my last book, this one is written under the Desmond Shepherd pen name.

[caption id="attachment_2965" align="aligncenter" width="426"] Coming March 15, 2013[/caption]

Until next time....

Miscorrection: Preludes (Get it for free!!!)

Maybe you can help me out with something.

I needed to do a little marketing experiment with my books. I figured since the Miscorrection trilogy is complete and available, why not try offering the first book for free. My thought is that giving the first book away, could lead to sales of the second and third books in the trilogy.

Where do I need help?

That's easy. Help me get the word out that Miscorrection: Preludes is free. Do it on Facebook, Twitter, your web site, tell your friends and blah, blah, blah. You get the point.

You can get Miscorrection: Preludes free at the following locations:

Amazon US

iTunes (iBooks)



Track Your Book Sales Numbers

It's important that self-published writers keep an accurate total of their book sales. One aspect of this is the number of books sold and the money made.

I've created a Google spreadsheet for just that. This is a public document, so feel free to copy it for your own use.

Using this document, you enter the following each month:

Total Income
Total Sales

As you enter these, you will automatically see the statistics for the following:

Yearly Income
Yearly Sales
Per Month Income
Per Month Sales
Per Sale Income

You can access this file here: Book Sales Statistics Spreadsheet

Currently, I have spaces in there for sales during 2012 and 2013. I kept these on the same page of the document for quick and easy comparison.

If you have any suggestions for improving this form, let me know in the comments.

Disney's "Celebrate the Magic" Castle Show

For your viewing pleasure, you can see the awesome Disney castle show called Celebrate the Magic below. I recorded this show on January 31, 2013. While you can watch it here, I highly suggest you see it in person. It's really cool!