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Why Imaginary Friends?

[caption id="attachment_2965" align="alignleft" width="100"]Coming March 15, 2013 Coming March 15, 2013[/caption]

As stated previously, my next book comes out March 15, 2013 and is called Imaginary Me.

Why that title?

When I considered the concept for the book, I can't remember if I came up with the title or premise first. Regardless, I think the title says a lot about the book.

Does Imaginary Me have you thinking that the story is about someone with an imaginary friend? If it does, you're on the money. But in my deciding to write the story, I thought it would be interesting to write it from the perspective, not of the one imagining the friend, but the imaginary friend instead.

Not only did this idea intrigue me, it added a level of challenge to writing the story, to establishing the conflict, and making it interesting for the reader.

Did I succeed in doing this?

I think I did, and it will be up to readers to decide for themselves if I did, too.

One of the toughest parts of writing this book was the emotion behind it. Now, I didn't have trouble making the story emotional. Quite the opposite. I found that my emotional investment in the main characters would affect me as I wrote. Often, I would have to stop writing because it became so real to me.

And that made everything so ironic. Here I'm writing a story about an imaginary friend, he's not real in all aspects, but in my writing it became real.

Isn't that what all fiction is? Something imaginary that we believe is real?

Whether a child, adult, man, or woman, we all have an imaginary side of us. We just find ways to make it more acceptable to ourselves and others as we get older. Instead of a make-believe friend, it's a movie or book. Instead of taking a rocket ship to the moon, we imagine what having a big house on the lake would be like. It's always there, and I think, our imagining these things for whatever reason is a way for us to cope with our current situations in life.

Imagined, dreamt, make-believe, or pretend. We all do it in one form or another.


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