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The Permanent Man Blog #4 - The Soundtrack

This week's The Permanent Man blog update is short, but so awesome!

I got to thinking about how movies almost always have soundtracks. Television shows often do, too. Sometimes, the soundtrack consists of new singles from various artists or older songs from days gone past.

So how come we don't see booksoundtracks? That's right. What is there that prevents such a thing from happening?

I understand you can't play the music while you read the book. Syncing the music with the reader's speed would be impossible. But why wouldn't you have songs inspired by the book? Movies do it all the time. You'll never hear the song when you watch the movie, yet it is on the soundtrack.

So, I've decided to make a soundtrack for The Permanent Man. To do this, I'm using the awesome software found in the Spotify music subscription service. Every time I finish the first draft of a story, I will add a song into the Spotify playlist I've created called The Permanent Man …

The Permanent Man Blog #3 - TV Show Formatting

OK. To get an idea of the format I plan to use for The Permanent Man series, let's take a look at how television shows, particularly dramas, do it. We'll break down each section of the show and the purpose it serves.
Many shows, especially ones with story lines that carryover from the previous week or weeks of episodes, give a recap. Many times there will be narration that says, "Previously on (title of show)".
This serves a couple purposes. For those who watch the show regularly, it helps them recall important story points, and especially ones that have a direct impact of the story they are about to watch.
It also helps people who watch the show irregularly or never at all to get an idea of what is going on before they head into the story. It's like guiding a blind man through a room. If you tell him what is there, he's prepared and can understand the layout. If you say nothing, he's bound to bump into a few things and get frustrated.
The s…

The Permanent Man Blog #2 - What I've Learned

In writing The Permanent Man series, I don't have to guess at my approach to writing the stories. There are two reasons for this.

First, under the B.C. Young pen name, I attempted this with Miscorrection. I learned a lot from that. Foremost, to be patient. In my hurry to publish the books, I released them way too slow. The first one came out in May, the second July, the third at the end of December, the fourth the following May. Fifth, June. Sixth, August. What should have been a weekly release, became sporadic. I also made the mistake of adding new settings and characters from story to story that affected the continuity. I still think the stories are good and that I wrap it all up very nicely in the final novel of the series, Times, but had I followed a better routine, the series would have been what I originally intended.

But that's a learning experience, and I'm glad I had it.

The second thing lending a lot of help is The Human Division by John Scalzi. This is an episod…

The Permanent Man Blog #1 - The Announcement

In today's world, people are busy. They have time for little because of the quantity of things to do.

So how do they use that little free time for recreation?

A lot of people watch TV, often having series' they love to watch in bulk on Netflix or a similar service,  or from week to week. The benefit of this is that in 30-60 minutes they can be entertained and move on to the next episode of a series if they wish.

What this has done is caused people to want the fiction they enjoy to be quick. Sure, they may watch a series that has a continuous plot, but overall, they want their stories to happen quickly and be done so they move onto the next one.

This trend in entertainment can't be ignored. And, no doubt, if books followed a similar format with a series, it's possible a new breed of reader could be discovered.

And so my new project follows this mold. I am writing a series called The Permanent Man. This will be written to match the format we've seen for series' o…