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The Permanent Man Blog #7 - A Call For Beta Readers

Yesterday, I finished the fifth episode of The Permanent Man. I titled it "Barter Me Love", a take on the popular song form The Beatles, "Can't Buy Me Love". This is the first episode where I implemented some new points I've learned in regards to writing, and I think it is a great little story.

Now that I am five episodes in, I thought it would be appropriate to begin preparing for others to read the episodes. To do this, I will need beta readers.

Beta readers will help mostly with spelling corrections, missing words, incorrect punctuation, and grammatical errors where the error causes confusion in the context of the story. They will also check for inconsistencies in the episode or episodes.

Also, the pay beta readers receive stinks beyond imagination. You get no money but get to read every episode of the first season for free.

I'm putting the call out now, months in advance of when I will actually require the help of beta readers, in order to ensure I…

Will You Follow Me? Follow Me Wherever I Will Go?

Sing the title. Don't read it.

Now, there are several avenues with which you can follow me. I'm making no bones about it, whatever that means. My real name is my real name. Desmond Shepherd is my pen name. I'm retiring my other pen name B.C. Young.

So, if you want to follow me, here are your options:

Commence following, liking, hearting, pinning, and whatever else you might call it.

The Permanent Man Blog #6 - Cover Template Reveal

I've finished the first four episodes in The Permanent Man. I've also started the fifth episode. During this time, I have learned quite a bit. I finished reading two books, The Screenwriter's Workbook by Syd Field and Writing to the Point by Algis Budrys. Both of these books had some great information on constructing a story, and I'm going to use what I learned as I write the fifth episode and beyond. I imagine that once I complete all thirteen episodes, I might go back to the first four and see if I've learned anything that will improve those stories.

I've also had some extra time in the past couple of weeks (I won't soon, my third child is due any day now). So I have come up with a template for the covers of each episode. The template is below and in black and white. The Episode, Title, and Byline will all be colored the same. The background color will also change, often to complement the image used.

This cover gives me a good interchangeable design. I c…

The Permanent Man Blog #5 - The Recap

The Recap

A couple weeks ago, I broke down how a dramatic television episode works.  The first point is The Recap. This serves a great purpose, especially in serialized episodes or ones where something is going to happen that directly relates to a previous episode of the show. This helps loyal viewers of the show to recall important points. It also helps those who don't watch regularly to understand what led to the story they are about to watch.

I'll be using The Recap in episodes of The Permanent Man. As each episode is released from week to week, this will help the reader know what to expect from the coming story and remind them of important plot points from past episodes. I'm also doing this in the event that someone reads the episode having never read one prior to it.

The Recap will work just like a television series recap. As soon as you open the eBook, it will say, "Previously on The Permanent Man...." Instead of snippets of dialogue like you would see on T…