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The Permanent Man Blog #15 - Excerpt & PreOrder

A couple things are happening on The Permanent Man  front lines. First, I finished the draft for the last episode. However, I'm not done writing because I still have to write the penultimate episode. I did these two out of order for a specific reason that I don't want to say now. But when the time comes for that episode to release and you read it, you'll understand why I did it. Second, the first episode of The Permanent Man , appropriately titled Pilot , is now available for pre-order. You can pick it up at these retailers: iTunes   Barnes & Noble Google Play Kobo Books And in case you're on the fence about purchasing the book before release, I have an excerpt for you to enjoy. This comes directly from Pilot  and is The Tease portion of the story. The Permanent Ma n #1: Pilot (Excerpt) © 2013 Desmond Shepherd If Patrick Hold failed in his mission over the next few minutes, his future would be bleak and his present would cease to exi

The Permanent Man Blog #14 - The Preview

Hey! Check it out! I've written 11 episodes now of The Permanent Man . I also will be submitting the first episode for preorder soon. Everything is coming together nicely. Today, I'm going to talk about The Preview. In television, especially dramas, previews happen often. This is the case a lot of times when the drama is serialized. The Preview usually comes directly at the end of the show, during or while the credits roll. I'm going to implement this into each episode of The Permanent Man . The preview will be anywhere from two to four sentences long and give a taste of the story to come the following week. So, it will have something like this at the end: " NEXT TIME ON THE PERMANENT MAN .... A cowboy takes Patrick to a local doctor to help treat the injury he has suffered. On their way, they hit a roadblock that not only prevents them from getting there but might cost their lives, too." Directly under the preview it will mention the name of the next