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The Permanent Man Season Premiere Cover & Pre-Order

Things are starting to take shape with the second season of The Permanent Man. It premieres on November 11, 2014. As I considered this upcoming season, I had to choose between using the same cover template as last season or making a new template.

I chose the latter to help differentiate the two seasons when browsing books online. Some of my decision processes for this season focused on different items. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Take a look at the cover below and read on for the changes I opted to make.

The first thing you'll notice compared to last season is that the series name is less prominent. Before, it stood out nice and big on the top of the cover. Now it's broken up on the right side with the words mixed together similar to a crossword puzzle. I did this because I wanted the episode's title to stand out more.

The episode title is now at the bottom, where previously I had my author name. It is the largest type on the cover. My author name is moved to the …

Unspoken Stories Discounted August 18-23, 2014

Starting today and running through August 23, 2014, Unspoken Stories is being discounted off the regular price. Normally, the e-book costs $2.99. But starting today, it is only $0.99. It's best to get in on this deal early because the price will slowly go up over the days leading up until it is full price again.

A collection of five science fiction short stories that reach beyond the mind.

Includes the following stories:

Copy Bird: Bill is trapped and lonely. He breaks free of his prison and finds something he doesn't expect.

Going Home: Promises are important to keep, and Commander Patrick Murphy never wants to forget that.

Josie Dorri And The Coffee Ban: What if the government banned coffee? See what happens to Josie Dorri when they do.

The Present: Miles Gray has a good life, but doesn't realize it. Often, a trip through time is all that is needed to open up a person's eyes to how good they have it.

Running To Keep Her: Neil is obsessed with exercise and eating right, bu…

Amazon vs. Hachette Thoughts

This past weekend, I received an email from Amazon regarding the battle going on between them and Hachette. If you're unfamiliar with the debate, a quick Internet search on the matter will get you up to speed.

Amazon requested in the email that the authors they sent it to send an email to the CEO of Hachette, Michael Pietsch, stating very specific things within it.

Let's me clear. I'm me. And I'm not going to have Amazon telling me what to write. However, I do have an opinion when it comes to e-book pricing. So I decided to send the email to Hachette, not as a puppet of Amazon, but rather voicing my thoughts. Below is the email I sent to Mr. Peitsch and Amazon.

Dear Mr. Pietsch,
I'm not going to lie and say I know all the ins and outs of the battle going on now between Amazon and Hachette regarding e-books, their pricing, and the debate of Amazon not selling Hachette books because of it. I've read news reports and editorials on the matter but am smart enough to …

The Permanent Man Season 2 Update

It's hard to believe that a year ago around this time, I had written all 12 episodes of The Permanent Man. Some were already finalized and ready to go and a few still needed that last copy edit and cover made.

Fast forward to now and things are much different for Season 2. I've written almost the first four episodes of the season. None of them has been copy edited. And I don't have any covers made.

Yes. I'm way behind schedule.

Life does this thing where it gets busier. I have a family with three children. I have a full time job. And I have other personal responsibilities that take up my time. Writing is not a career. Writing can't take the ultimate priority for me. My approach to it has changed over the past few years. Now I write when I can and if I have the energy. It is a hobby.

A few months back, I began considering not publishing a second season of The Permanent Man. Demand wasn't there for it, nor the money. So unless I began getting a flood of emails as…

"Hollywood Brings World Peace" Free On Kindle

My short story Hollywood Brings World Peace is available on the Amazon Kindle today for free.This story is the result of a tweet I sent out to the twitterverse. It was right around the time Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorced and Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore divorced. I tweeted the following:
Cruise marries Demi, Holmes marries Ashton, and the earth gains world peace. True story.
— Desmond Shepherd (@DesShep) June 29, 2012Soon after, one of my followers tweeted back and challenged me to write a story based on that idea. The result is a humorous tale about how Hollywood can bring world peace.

Come back tomorrow to find out the latest free or discounted offer for my ebooks.

Francis Corolla has been put in charge of an impossible assignment. He has to find a way to make world peace.

He never expects to find the solution. When he does, it comes from the most unlikely source: Hollywood.

Free today on Amazon! (Hint: Click the word Amazon.)

If you missed today's offer, it will be free again…

"Don't Blink" Free On Kindle

My ebook Don't Blink is available on the Amazon Kindle today for free.This is a collection of 40 flash fiction stories I wrote. A couple of the stories turned into short stories. They were Running to Keep Her and Going Home.

Come back tomorrow to find out the latest free or discounted offer for my ebooks.

Don't Blink contains 40 flash fiction tales. Most of the stories are in the science fiction genre, though a good number tend to break this rule. The stories say a lot despite having so few words.

Give Don't Blink a read. It's sure to make you laugh, think, and maybe even cry. But be sure to follow the advice of the book's title. If you don't pay attention, you could miss the true meaning of the stories in the blink of an eye.

Free today on Amazon! (Hint: Click the word Amazon.)

If you missed today's offer, it will be free again on the following dates:

August 13, 2014September 2, 2014September 22, 2014October 12, 2014

"Running to Keep Her" Free On Kindle

My short story, Running to Keep Her, is available on the Amazon Kindle today for free.This eBook is a result of a flash fiction piece I wrote on my site. The story was probably the longest piece of flash fiction I ever wrote, and even then, I knew it was too short. That's why I decided to turn it into a short story.

As I wrote the story, Neil's feelings touched my heart deeply. I imagined what it would be like if I was in his situation. What pain and turmoil would I experience? What sadness would bubble up to the surface? But more importantly, I asked what I could learn from it. We all experience deep loss many times in our lives. It's what we take from that, in a positive way, that shapes us into being a better person. This story might be exactly what you need to get through that tough situation that weighs on you like a ton of bricks.
Come back tomorrow to find out the latest free or discounted offer for my ebooks.

Exercising and staying healthy is a way of life for Neil, …

"Josie Dorri and the Coffee Ban" Free On Kindle

My short story, Josie Dorri and the Coffee Ban, is available on the Amazon Kindle today for free.My brother-in-law suggested I write a story about someone not having their morning cup of coffee and it results in a lot of bad things happening in their day. I liked the idea a lot, realizing it could lead to a humorous story about coffee.

I modified his suggestion, basing the premise on a coffee prohibition (of which some have actually happened in human history) and another twist to explain the bad day. The result is a story I enjoyed writing a lot, and one that should bring a few smiles to your face.
Come back tomorrow to find out the latest free or discounted offer for my ebooks.

What would you do if someone told you not to drink coffee? What if it was the law? Follow Josie Dorri on her day without coffee, and you'll be glad the ban hasn't happened!

Free today on Amazon! (Hint: Click the word Amazon.)

If you missed today's offer, it will be free again on the following dates:


"The Present" Free On Kindle

My short story, The Present, is available on the Amazon Kindle today for free. It's funny how certain things inspire a story. I was watching a movie from 1997. The scene was in a kitchen. On the table was a box of doughnuts, and I'll tell you, those doughnuts were huge! I thought to myself, "They don't make them that big any more, and on top of that, they cost more!"

That was the inspiration for this eBook. It made me think about how the same can be said now of the past, and more in the future as we look to what is now our present. I took the idea, wrapped it around a man who has a good life but has complaints about it. As you read the story, you'll notice the reference to the inspiration. But more importantly, you'll no doubt come to appreciate your own life and understand that you should never take the little things for granted.
Come back tomorrow to find out the latest free or discounted offer for my ebooks.

Miles Gray has a wonderful life that he has re…

"Going Home" Free on Kindle

My short story, Going Home, is available on the Amazon Kindle today for free. This short story was based off a flash fiction piece I wrote on my site. I liked the 100 or so word story so much, I decided to expand it.

As I wrote this story, I couldn't help but feel the emotions of Commander Patrick Murphy. From the moments that my fingers pecked on the keys, I knew this one would be something special. It's an emotionally moving tale, and it might even bring a tear to your eye. While in many ways, it is a sad story, I think it speaks to the human qualities of love and commitment.
Come back tomorrow to find out the latest free or discounted offer for my ebooks.

For Commander Patrick Murphy every new mission serves as a reminder. They are a reminder of a promise he made and always must keep. Without that promise, he'd have no reason to keep going home...

Free today on Amazon! (Hint: Click the word Amazon.)

If you missed today's offer, it will be free again on the following dat…

"Copy Bird" Free On Kindle

My short story, Copy Bird, is available on the Amazon Kindle today for free. This is a sci-fi post-apocalyptic tale that I came up with while taking a shower. (Though I didn't do the actual writing in the shower. I'll save that for a future project.)

This is the first of a three month run of free and discounted ebooks I'll be offering. Come back here every day to find out the latest offer.

Caught in a trap of his own devising to keep him safe, Bill begins to get lonely. It makes sense to him that he should now proceed into the open world. His goal is simply to find someone to be his friend and keep him company. Will he find what he is searching for or is he destined to be alone?

Free today on Amazon! (Hint: Click the word Amazon.)

If you missed today's offer, it will be free again on the following dates:

August 8, 2014August 28, 2014September 17, 2014October 7, 2014

Let's Put Survivors on Survivor!

I'll say it now, I'm not a big fan of reality television shows. Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Amish Mafia, Deadliest Catch, overall, I couldn't care less about these types of shows or enjoy them.

However, we all have our guilty pleasures that we have to watch. I have been a longtime fan (since the beginning) of Survivor and Big Brother. I love that these are essentially game shows. They require strategy on the part of contestants. They're a study into human behavior and reaction. They're a lot of fun to watch and not too much different than watching your favorite sport. You begin to root for somebody to win and if they do, it's exciting.

My biggest Survivor moment was the first season when Richard Hatch won. He set the tone of strategy for seasons to come. My wife and I rooted for him to win it and he did. That's a very exciting moment.

Another big moment in reality TV for me was when Rachel Reilly won Big Brother. It was her second time on the show, an…

Announcing "Name Your Price" Edition E-Books!

One of the hardest things for an independent author to accomplish is making a name for themselves. Sure, they write books and they put them out there for people to buy. Friends and family might buy a copy of a book and they might read it. But overall, it's a lottery in finding success with lots of sales and unknown readers that in turn buy other books by the author.

There are several ways authors try to improve their sales. They advertise on Facebook and other places for people to buy their book(s). They regularly write on a blog, giving information to potential readers. They're active in the Twitter community. They offer a book for free for a limited time. They keep writing book after book, letting those speak for themselves and be their marketing.

There are a lot of options. And some authors find success with one way of doing it. But most don't. The best books might never be read and the worst can be bestsellers.

I've tried a lot of things over the years to improve m…

The Permanent Man - The Complete First Season is Live!

I'm happy to say that The Permanent Man - The Complete First Season is now available in digital and print!

If you haven't read all the individual episodes (or even the free pilot episode) here's your chance to get into the series. On top of that, you'll get bonus author commentary in the book that will give more insight into the stories, my writing process, and why I made certain decisions with the plot.

What are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

From Desmond Shepherd, author of Imaginary Me, comes the breakthrough adventure told in a serialized format. Private Investigator Patrick Hold’s life is turned upside down when a secret agency claims he is someone called the Permanent Man—a man incapable of dying. Fearful of what they want with him, Patrick attempts to escape, only to find himself catapulted back in time. With a pregnant wife waiting for him in the future, Patrick is determined to find his way home, even though all hope seems lost.

From the exciting firs…

First Episode of The Permanent Is Now FREE!

With the upcoming release of The Permanent Man - The Complete First Season, and the fact that the e-book sample contains almost the entire first episode in it, it's only fair to offer the standalone digital copy of the first episode for free.

You can pick your digital copy for free at the following e-book retailers:

Amazon|iTunes|Barnes & Noble|Google Play|Kobo Books|Smashwords

And don't forget, the The Permanent Man - The Complete First Season will be coming April 8, 2014 in print and digital!

How Disney's Digital HD Copy Works

A month and a half ago, I pre-ordered Frozen in Digital HD from Amazon for my daughter. I did something similar with Wreck-It Raplh last year. I don't have a Blu-Ray player, so Digital HD is the way to go for me to watch movies in hi-def. And Disney releases Digital HD copies of their movies a month ahead of the Blu-Ray/DVD release. So it's a win-win all around to do that.

My wife had no knowledge of me pre-ordering the movie, so she actually pre-ordered the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital HD combo from the Disney Store in our area. When I found out, I quickly cancelled my order with Amazon.

But then I wondered how the Digital HD Copy that comes with the combo discs works. In the past, it came with a disc that allowed you to download the movie file to your computer. But that offered limited choices for viewing the movie. Unless you had the right devices, you could only watch in on your PC.

In other words: Dumbo.

Yesterday, we picked up the Frozen movie, and I'm happy to say that Disne…

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2014

For the past few years, I have submitted an entry into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. In 2012, it was Fram Gage and The Infinite Ability. In 2013 it was Futan Vice: The Trouble on Drabble.

The way the contest works, there are several rounds to pass through to win the award. The first round is The Pitch. In this round, the judges choose what novels will make it to round two based on a pitch of 300 words or less. When I entered Fram Gage and The Infinite Ability, I didn't make it past this round. But Futan Vice did make it to round two.

Round two is based on an excerpt of the novel. This is the first 3,000 to 5,000 words of the book. If the judges like this enough, they send it to round three. Unfortunately, I never made it past this round.

In round three, the entire manuscript is evaluated. Submission requirements state that this must be no less than 50,000 words and no more than 125,000 words. Five semi-finalists are then selected from each of five categories (Gener…

I'm Surviving Snowmageddon

Here in the Northeast, we've had an unprecedented winter. Continuous deep freeze temperatures. Snowstorms. Sleet. Ice. Falling tree limbs. Massive power outages. All I'm waiting for now is fire and sulfur to fall from the sky.

But I'm hopeful that won't happen, at least not until summer.

Some are dubbing this winter Snowmageddon, and I think the name is appropriate. I've experienced all of the above problems, along with damage to my home from these storms. Below is a little snippet of that experience. The tree in front of my property split in half last week on Wednesday morning during the freezing rain event we had. Other trees on my property experienced similar fates. That ice, along with the wet snow on the limbs from two days earlier, led to the destruction.

I know what you're thinking: At least the snowman made it out alive.

Well he did, losing only his left arm. But as the day wore on and the freezing rain warmed to plain ole rain, he began to droop sidewa…

The Permanent Man - The Complete First Season

Almost a year ago, I envisioned a book series where I told the story similar to the way a weekly television series airs. I'll avoid going into the details of it as I've blogged about the process of writing it and the format extensively.

And so, The Permanent Man became a reality. Beginning on November 12, 2013 and running through to January 28, 2014, I "aired" a new episode of the series every Tuesday. It even had a double-length season finale similar to the two-hour finales that many television dramas do.

Continuing in that format, I'm happy to announce that the complete first season of The Permanent Man will be available in print and digital on April 8, 2014! The book will contain all 12 episodes of the season and will include bonus author commentary for each episode. The commentary highlights my writing process, points out interesting facts about decisions I made for the story, and even contains some spoilers.

In addition to this, buying the entire season come…

If You Upgrade Your Xfinity Modem, Will the Speeds Improve? Answer Inside.

A few months back, I posted about an upgrade to my service with Xfinity. They had emailed me to say that they had boosted my bandwidth speed. And I was like "great".

But it came with a catch. In order to take advantage of these speeds, I had to upgrade the modem to the new DOCSIS 3.0 standard because the modem I had was outdated. Fortunately, I rent my modem and Xfinity sent me a new one without charge.

Well, without charge except for the additional $1 per month they added to my modem rental fee.

So did my speeds improve upon installing the new modem?

First, here is the speed I was getting with the old, outdated, junky cable modem (Model: Terayon TJ715)

And now, here are the speeds I am getting upon upgrading my modem (Technicolor TC8305C):

Update: A reader of my blog kindly pointed out my second tests was not on the same server as the first. So I reran the test on the same server and here is what I got:

As you can see, the speeds did improve. The upload speed increase was mi…

Shootin' Wild Turkey

Below is a video I wanted to share with everyone for a number of reasons.

First, it's a video of my dad who lives in Idaho. I'll admit, we haven't talked in a few years until recently. (Thank Facebook and Messenger for that.) I guess we've actually "typed" to each other. So anyway, he put this video up on a private page of Facebook and I said it should go on YouTube. He sent me the video and I uploaded it for him.

Second, the video is funny on a number of levels, not the least of which is it's snowing and he walks out in shorts and boots (don't worry, t-shirt, too!) and proceeds to make the video. He obviously has too much time on his hands to have this much pun (yes, pun is intended. Once you see the video you'll understand why).

Laugh and share. Or wonder at what you just watched and keep it to yourself.

Double-Length The Permanent Man Season Finale Is Live!

The season finale of The Permanent Man is now available. This double-length episode brings suspense and action. Will Patrick Hold save Wes Cooper and Chimala from Clyde Calvin? Will Agent Red find and capture the Permanent Man? Can Dr. Blue successfully solve the mystery of what caused Patrick Hold to go to the past and bring him back to the future? All these questions are answered in As the Clock Strikes.... You can pick up your copy at all major e-book retailers.

The Permanent Man #12: As the Clock Strikes....:Double-length Season Finale!!! Dr. Blue has everything he needs to successfully pull Patrick Hold—also known as the Permanent Man—from the past and back to the future. However, Agent Red is on his trail, hoping to find the Permanent Man he has searched over two decades to find. Back in 1864, Patrick Hold is determined to rescue Wes Cooper and Chimala from Clyde Calvin’s grasp, but Calvin won’t go down without fight … A fight that threatens to leave Patrick stuck in the past.


The Permanent Man #11: Chemical Transaction is Live!

The eleventh episode of The Permanent Man is now available. You can pick up your copy at all major e-book retailers.

The Permanent Man #11: Chemical Transaction:Dr. Blue is on the brink of successfully finding a way to retrieve Patrick Hold from the past. He discovers one more key to the puzzle, and it comes with a problem: He must go back to the Agency one last time for help. While there, the watchful eye of Agent Red lingers over him, threatening to disrupt any chance at success.

There will be a new episode of The Permanent Man released every Tuesday until the finale on January 28, 2014.

You can pick up your copy now at the following locations:Amazon|iTunes|Barnes & Noble|Google Play|Kobo Books|Smashwords

And remember, it's never too late to get into the series by starting with the first episode, Pilot.

The Permanent Man #10: A Hero Does It Wrong is Live!

The tenth episode of The Permanent Man is now available. You can pick up your copy at all major e-book retailers.

The Permanent Man #10: A Hero Does It Wrong:Patrick Hold has been captured by Clyde Calvin’s gang, and Wes Cooper wants to save him. Besides himself, Wes has the Cahilla Indian, Takoda, to help. Overcoming Calvin’s gang will prove difficult, and the two together stand little chance of success. But when Wes is offered a job that will lead him directly to Calvin, it just might be the key to rescuing Patrick.

There will be a new episode of The Permanent Man released every Tuesday until the finale on January 28, 2014.

You can pick up your copy now at the following locations:Amazon|iTunes|Barnes & Noble|Google Play|Kobo Books|Smashwords

And remember, it's never too late to get into the series by starting with the first episode, Pilot.

Season 2 of The Permanent Man Confirmed

I'm happy to announcethere will be a second season of The Permanent Man!

I couldn't be happier about this. The series has become my fastest and soon to be highest selling success. It's a lot of fun to write. It's a lot of hard work. It's a lot of organization and timing that all has to fall into place and release on time.

And I can't wait to do it all over again for the second season! It is currently slated to premiere on November 11, 2014.

Season one is still in full swing, with two more episodes to come, in addition to the double-length season finale episode. You don't want to miss that one!

If you haven't jumped into the series yet, I highly encourage you do so. It mixes science fiction and western genres. It has humor, love, drama, and action. There's a little something there for everyone.

In the coming weeks, I'll have another announcement related to the series. The image on this post is a clue. But I doubt you can guess what it is. What…