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First Episode of The Permanent Is Now FREE!

With the upcoming release of The Permanent Man - The Complete First Season , and the fact that the e-book sample contains almost the entire first episode in it, it's only fair to offer the standalone digital copy of the first episode for free. You can pick your digital copy for free at the following e-book retailers: Amazon   |   iTunes   |   Barnes & Noble   |   Google Play   |   Kobo Books   |   Smashwords And don't forget, the The Permanent Man - The Complete First Season will be coming April 8, 2014 in print and digital!

How Disney's Digital HD Copy Works

A month and a half ago, I pre-ordered Frozen  in Digital HD from Amazon for my daughter. I did something similar with Wreck-It Raplh  last year. I don't have a Blu-Ray player, so Digital HD is the way to go for me to watch movies in hi-def. And Disney releases Digital HD copies of their movies a month ahead of the Blu-Ray/DVD release. So it's a win-win all around to do that. My wife had no knowledge of me pre-ordering the movie, so she actually pre-ordered the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital HD combo from the Disney Store in our area. When I found out, I quickly cancelled my order with Amazon. But then I wondered how the Digital HD Copy that comes with the combo discs works. In the past, it came with a disc that allowed you to download the movie file to your computer. But that offered limited choices for viewing the movie. Unless you had the right devices, you could only watch in on your PC. In other words: Dumbo. Yesterday, we picked up the Frozen  movie, and I'm happy to say