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Time for Audiobooks

So we all know I haven’t written and published any books for what has been over five years now. And by we, I mean me and the few fans I have. But I’ve gotten a little jolt lately to market all the stuff I have written in the past and I’ve seen some good results. Then I had another idea. Why don’t I start publishing my books as audiobooks? So a quick Bing search later (yes, you heard that right) and I found ACX. A company that is SURPRISE! owned by Amazon that allows you to produce audiobooks. I thought maybe I could do it myself at home and gave it a test. Boy was I wrong. Getting those audio levels to meet the ACX spec isn’t easy. Since I couldn’t do it, the next obvious step was to find someone else who could. Fortunately, ACX allows me to do that. I put up Imaginary Me and browsed the plethora of narrators on the service. They all have sample readings on their profiles so I am able to listen for a voice that would fit my tale told from the perspective of an imagina

Super Exploding Mind Blowing Book Sale!

Oh my oh my. I take this break from Star Wars Minutes  (I know, I know there have only been two) to bring you this breaking information. (Hmmm... taking a break to break. Interesting!) Tomorrow kicks off a massive sale for all my novels and compilations. This sale is on Amazon in the US and UK (UK technically starts on Wednesday). A few books will even be free! Lowest prices start at $0.99 and over the course of a week will slowly rise to regular price. So that means strike while the iron is hot. Or don't. I mean, my livelihood doesn't depend on you buying any of my books. I do have a day job. Just thought you'd like to know. And the more you know, the more likely you fill your head with useless information. Amazon US Books by Desmond Shepherd Amazon UK Books by Desmond Shepherd