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Audiobook Narrator - Scott Ellis

As previously posted, I'm turning my novel, Imaginary Me, into an audiobook for your ears to sniff up like a bouquet of flowers. But just note, this audiobook won't have any kind of smellovision effects. It's just audio. I'm using the flowers as a comparison to try to be a clever writer. Am I succeeding?

I'm happy to say that I have picked someone. Who is it? Well, that'll come in a future blog post. But for now, I will let you know who my top auditions were! Complete with an audition sample!

This week, I'm highlighting the top three auditions I received. All of these individuals could have narrated the book and I would've been happy. They were able to bring what I wrote to life and it was amazing to hear their interpretation of my story in just the little snippets I gave them to read.

In no particular order, this third audition I'd like to present to you is from Scott Ellis. His audition was full of energy that made it exciting to listen to! One thing he did that I really enjoyed was adding some sound effects to his reading that fit the scene. The partial audition below is a different sample than the other two auditions I've posted because I wanted to show you what I'm talking about. Below is some detail about Mr. Ellis along with the partial recording of his audition.

Narrator: Scott Ellis

I have over 30 books on and LOVE narrating audiobooks. I am easy to work with and enjoy building great relationships with authors and rights holders. I am a retired elementary school librarian and now a fulltime voice actor. I am also a musician and have a degree in Theatre.

Location: Massachusetts, United States

Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn



Available Audiobooks:
Your Next Adventure: Planning for Life After the sale of your Business by Marshall Rowe, Jim Fitts and John Weeks
A-Players with Intent by Paul J. Carroll, CFP
EMP Honeymoon: Kelly & Tom by Dorothy May Mercer
The Gang Bust by Dorothy May Mercer
Second Secret by Alan Lee (book 2)
Sophomore Slump by Alan Lee (book 1)
Jacqueline Willoughby by Schuyler Randall
The Cartel Wars by Dorothy May Mercer
Nate: The Search by Dorothy May Mercer
The Golden Coin by Dorothy May Mercer
Breakdown: An EMP Survival Thriller by J.R. Tate
Connecting Through Yes by Dr. Jack Ito
Your Expert Team by Jay Knighton, Bernard Abercrombie and Paul Carroll
The Cocaine Chase by Dorothy May Mercer
What Does It Mean to be a Christian by Steven Lake
See Ya Later, Ralphie by Neal Bogosian
Stand Out from the Crowd by Sebastian Goff
Mary Beth and Sammy: Rolling Thunder by Dorothy May Mercer
Strike the Match by Jim Heskett
The Savage Surrogate by Dorothy May Mercer
Car 006 Responding by Dorothy May Mercer
How To Be A Stand Up Comedian by How Expert Press
The Arlington Alias by Dorothy May Mercer
Fran and Max - The Bungalow by Dorothy May Mercer
Acoustic Shadows by Patrick Kendrick - a Royal Palm Literary Finalist
The Savants by Patrick Kendrick - a Silver Medalist in the 2015 YA Florida Book Award and Finalist in the Royal Palm Literary Award
Cynthia and Dan Cyber War by Dorothy May Mercer
Frozen Brush, Book 2 in the Andrew Brush Series by J. Misha Dunn
The Year the Lake Went Low by Bradon Nave
Dick Danks, Collected Stories by Harris Tobias

Imaginary Me Audition 


  1. Great reading, and character voices! The mic part was great too!


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