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Book Review: Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: A Crash of Fate

Oh, sweet love!

We were just childhood friends, but now you and I have grown up and apart. Our reuniting after being separated at a young age surely must mean something. You, a man who’s lived his entire life on Batuu and me, a woman who has traveled the stars as a result of my parents chosen “occupation”.

I do enjoy the little life you’ve made for yourself; even if you’re just a farm boy. You’re all I’ve considered and all I’ve dreamed about since my parents took me away from you.

But I’m afraid I may not be good for you. That I’ll bring danger to your life. That pursuing anything more than my lonely course could lead to your peril.

This is an enjoyable book that not only sheds light on the world that is Batuu but tells a good and predictable story between the two main characters, Izzy and Jules. The Force is mentioned but never demonstrated, and that is perfectly fine. It’s what makes Star Wars books great! The universe is so big almost any type of story can be told.

And with that, I say, I recommend you read this book.


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