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An Interview with Voice Actor Michel Young

Not too much longer now and the audiobook for Imaginary Me will be available for your ears to enjoy! And your ears will definitely enjoy what voice actor Michel Young does for this special book I wrote. He was able to bring the book to life in a way I never imagined. You'll laugh. You'll cry. And most importantly, you'll be inspired by the tale of Samantha Pruitt and how she overcomes the obstacles in her life through imagination.

I had the chance to ask Michel about his background, what he enjoys most about voice over work and his thoughts on Imaginary Me. Below are his responses.

Michel Young - Voice Actor
What do you enjoy about voiceover work and audiobook narration?
Voice over is so much fun for me because I can bring to life so many different characters.

What education do you have for it?
A lot of training and studying with many different coaches. Voice over has many different genres: commercial, promo, animation, audiobook, narration, etc. Each one of these has coaches that can help train.

How have you and your family fared with COVID-19 in California?
So far my immediate family hasn't been impacted as much (health wise). My wife works for a school district and has been working to get distance learning setup for the school district.

What can you tell us about yourself that is interesting?
I grew up speaking three different languages at home.

How long have you been a professional narrator?
I started perusing voice work since my college days back in the late 80's and early 90's, took some time off and then started up again.  I've been active in the industry for the last 8 years.
The Recording Studio

What is your favorite type of narration work?
I love everything. Honestly. From an audiobook standpoint, fiction is my favorite. I get to explore and bring to life the world that the writer created.

Do you have a "day" job and if so tell us about it?
When I'm between voice over work, I'm a substitute teacher for high school. Typically I'll help out with the math and science subjects.

What was your favorite character's voice to do in Imaginary Me?
Can I say Imaginary Me? I love that character. It reminds me of being a dad and all the silly games my kids and I would make up when they were growing up.

What was your favorite chapter to narrate for Imaginary Me?
When Sammy is playing the imaginary games.

Who do you think would enjoy reading Imaginary Me?
Adults and high school students.

Audiobook Coming Soon!
What would you say you enjoyed most about narrating Imaginary Me?
Experiencing Sammy grow.

Was this an emotional book for you to do the audio for?
Yes, extremely.

Without giving away any spoilers what was your favorite moment in Imaginary Me?
When Sammy realizes that she can control her destiny even if that destiny is not what she imagined.

The audiobook version of Imaginary Me is coming soon. The novel is currently available in print and digital to read at your favorite online retailer.


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