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Isocomm  (i•so•com)  is a communication device that can be used at great distances, light years apart. Only two parties can use this means of communication at a time, each having a box designated for transmission and reception. When initial communication is started, a light on the box flashes red. Upon successfully reaching the box on the other end, it turns to a solid orange. Once the recipient opens the call for the communication, the light will turn green on the sender's box. On the recipient's box, the light flashes green as the signal is received and turns solid when the connection is made.  Though this is a secure form of communication, the greater the distance between the two boxes, the longer the delay in communication. [Minor Spoiler] Only one of these devices is known to exist, and it is used by Kyd Lumin and Kered Lumin . Return to Items Return to  Main Wiki  

Abi Lumin

Abi Lumin (a•bee loo•min)  is the wife of Kyd Lumin and mother of Kybi Lumin, their daughter. She's loving, supportive and the joy of Kyd's life. She is a refugee from Hupoge , having escaped narrowly from the planet and settling on Quarros . Here, she met Kyd Lumin, fell in love and the two were married. She is the most important person in Kyd's life, as is their child together. She is also well-liked and admired by all in the mountainous village where they live. Return to  Characters Return to  Main Wiki  


Delphi  (delfi) is a planet covered by 90 percent water. The native people are amphibious though they tend to prefer living on the land. Delphi is one of the many planets under control by the Elof Empire. Return to  Locations Return to  Main Wiki

The Delphian Tourist

The Delphian Tourist (del•fē• ən)   is from the planet Delphi . He has planned an adventurous trip to Quarros to explore and hike the mountainous terrain. Unfortunately, his family was unable to join him on the trip because they had no interest in such a holiday, and they also aren't experiencing a mid-life crisis. Return to  Characters Return to  Main Wiki  

Kered Lumin

Kered Lumin (kyo͝or•ed loo•min)  lives on the planet Hupoge and has been there since she was a young teenager. She is revered by many due to the heroic acts of her brother, Kyd Lumin. She takes no credit for his actions, yet the people see her as a means of hope in escaping the domination of the Elof Empire. Strong, determined and fierce, she is part of the leadership for the revolt against the empire. Return to  Characters Return to  Main Wiki  


Juris  (jo͝orəs)  is the capital planet of the Elof Empire. Though the landscape is diverse from lush forests to arid deserts across the planet, the central hub/capital of the government is a bustling city. In the center of the city is a tall skyscraper type structure that sits on a mountain high above the people it rules over. For decades, Hupogean people have been enslaved on Juris by the Elof Empire. This has led to mistreatment, persecution and prejudice toward the Hupogeans throughout many of the planets in the Elof Empire's control, including Hupoge . Return to  Locations Return to  Main Wiki


Quarros  (kwôr•ōs) is a mountainous planet with deep valleys and caves. It is sparsely populated, with most towns and villages centered around areas with mining of the zyton gem. Many of the people of Quarros live in homes constructed of straw and mud with domed roofs, which can be quite elaborate and contain more than one level. Though there is plenty of technology available to the people of the planet, most is used sparingly or as needed—a result of the population having very few native people and most being those who have immigrated from other planets. Return to Locations Return to  Main Wiki


Hupoge (hū•pō•gē) is the home planet of the Hupogean people. Much of the terrain of the planet is flat and uninhabitable. Spotted around the planet in a handful of locations are oceans. While most areas are arid, locations near the oceans do contain vegetation that is more lush. Due to the mostly flat and uninhabitable surface, the Hupogean people had created a series of underground, elaborate passageways and cities. Throughout their cities are openings to the surface above that allow natural sunlight to filter into the area, illuminating it through a collection of reflective mirrors. Deep underground are natural springs that are directed through aqueduct systems the Hupogeans invented. The Elof Empire invaded Hupoge and currently claims ownership of it. Return to  Locations Return to  Main Wiki