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Mairel Elof

Mairel Elof  (mer•el ē•lôf) is the daugther of Empress Cybil Elof and heiress to the throne. While not officially in charge of the Empire's military force, she does oversee its operations, often traveling for long periods of time on ships that patrol the galaxy. Skilled with her blade and a threatening menace to all of the Empire's citizens, she is bent on capturing the traitorous fugitive Mu'sas Elof, also an heir to the throne. Return to  Characters Return to  Main Wiki  

The Legend of Kyd Lumin | Book Trailer

In a distant time and galaxy, far from any known planet or star.... An empire has enslaved them.... He is a fugitive.... She will stop at nothing to capture him.... And they need him to gain freedom.... The Legend of Kyd Lumin Available February 2, 2021 Sea of Stars Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash Futuristic Adventurer Image by GrandFailure on Dreamstime We Need a Hero Music by Fesilyan Studios