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The Legend of Kyd Lumin - Prologue

Between now and February 2, 2021, I will be posting chapters from The Legend of Kyd Lumin , my upcoming book release. Below is the Prologue. Order your copy today at the following locations: Amazon  |  Apple Books  |  Google Play  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Smashwords PROLOGUE Captain Jamos Korrel’s hands gripped tight around the metal railing of the bridge’s walkway. Through the viewport of glass, the darkness of space loomed before him. Sensors from the ship told him the sight was a lie. On his level and the one below where he stood, his crew frantically prepared for an oncoming battle. He hoped they could avoid it. Perhaps the two large ships that approached were nothing more than cargo ships moving goods from planet to planet, supplying the citizens with their needs. Foolish for me to even think that he thought. Foolish to take on this responsibility at all. Deep in the bowels of the ship, secured within a titanium fortress, he carried cargo more precious than all the credits, food

Goodreads Giveaway - The Legend of Kyd Lumin

I'm happy to announce that 100 sci-fi space opera lovin' book fans will win a Kindle copy of The Legend of Kyd Lumin ! Releasing on February 2, 2021, this is your chance to take a ride in this adventurous, thrilling book filled with action, drama and more! To enter, all you need to do is click on the link below. Winners will be chosen by Goodreads sometime after February 8, 2021. I hope you win! Goodreads Book Giveaway The Legend of Kyd Lumin by Desmond Shepherd Giveaway ends February 08, 2021. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway