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Shadow Drop!

What's this? A shadow drop release of Fram Gage and The Infinite Ability  on audiobook? You better believe it! Originally, I had hoped to release this last fall, but with some unexpected delays, it didn't work out. Then, with the writing, editing and so forth of The Legend of Kyd Lumin  added into the mix, I didn't get much of a chance to talk up this release. Voiced by Michel Young , who also read the  Imaginary Me  audiobook, this adventurous tale follows Fram Gage and his friends as they try to survive a competition gone wrong in The Ability Chamber. This story is fun for all ages and family-friendly. You can pick up your copy now on  Audible  or  iTunes ! Enjoy!

The Legend of Kyd Lumin - III. Kered Lumin

Between now and February 2, 2021, I will be posting chapters from  The Legend of Kyd Lumin , my upcoming book release. Previously, I posted the  Prologue ,  I. Kyd Lumin  and II. Mairel Elof . Below is the next chapter "III. Kered Lumin". Order your copy today at the following locations: Amazon  |  Apple Books  |  Google Play  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Smashwords III. Kered Lumin In another solar system, distant from Juris, a planet hung in space, revolving around a single star. Though the planet’s path caused this star to shine as a bright sun during the daylight hours, another distant star loomed large enough and low at the horizon. Of course, the central star dominated the sky, while the other—a much smaller burning disc—proved to complement the other, dropping below the horizon well before night fell each day. It was on this planet of Hupoge that Kered Lumin had lived nearly all of her life, specifically in the village of Mankato. For a brief moment, she had lived on Ju