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"You Have 22 Minutes..." - A Kindle Vella Story

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Amazon's new episodic experiment, Kindle Vella . I'm happy to announce today that I have a series that will be available at the launch of the service. (Launch date of Kindle Vella is currently unknown.) The title of my story is "You Have 22 Minutes..." . It's a science fiction adventure story with a little bit of mystery, puzzling intrigue, humor and, that's right, more. My current plan is to have five episodes available when Kindle Vella launches and then a new one each week. The length of each episode will generally be 3,000 to 3,500 words (or about 15 to 20 minutes for the average reader). I'd love to dive into what the story is all about, but the way I plan to unravel its secrets would spoil way too much. Instead, I'll leave you with a brief description of the story, its cover image, and the titles of the first four episodes (of which the first three will be free by the way😉). You Have 22 Minutes... I awake in