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Prime Day 2022 Book Deals You Need!

This year, Amazon Prime Day falls on July 12-13, 2022. We all know it's a great time to get deals on something you need , right? Not something you want ? Right? You know what people don't do enough nowadays that they need  to do? Read! So, in order to give people what they need , all my digital books on Amazon will have discounts during Prime Day 2022! Some as much as 70% off the list price! Some will even be free ! Below is a direct link to my author page on Amazon where you can surround yourself in all my wordy goodness. I'm sure there's something there you will enjoy! Happy reading, ya'll! DESMOND SHEPHERD AMAZON PAGE

Imaginary Me - Hardcover Edition Available Next Week!

I'm happy to announce another release of Imaginary Me  is coming within the week! Not only can you get the book in paperback. ...and digital ...and audiobook ...but you can now have a copy of the book in hardcover! It's crazy that a book I released nine years ago is still finding life in many ways! If you didn't know, Imaginary Me is the one book I wrote that I'm most fond of. I'll be honest, it was tough writing it. Domestic abuse is a difficult subject to discuss. There were times as I wrote it that I had to stop, walk away, and calm myself down because the moments were too intense—too real. I knew there were children every day experiencing such tragic circumstances. I had to write this book though, if for no other reason than maybe I could give someone out there who is a victim of abuse hope and courage. Perhaps this story would inspire them and even help them change their situation for the better. If it does that for even one individual, I'll know I succe