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Fram Gage - Limited Series Edition

Time kinda flies, ya know? Nearly 11 years ago, Fram Gage and The Infinite Ability released on Kindle. Since I wrote and released two more books in the series, Fram Gage and The Three Adversaries  and Fram Gage and The Holographic Man . Meanwhile... I had always intended to compile those three novels into one edition, and I'm happy to announce that day has finally come! On September 2, 2022, Fram Gage - Limited Series Edition , will release for Kindle! With this compilation, I'm taking a sort of "reboot" type approach to the series. Why? Well, I always intended for Fram Gage  to be a superhero origin type story. While I feel the book covers served their purpose well, with this release, I really wanted to give that comic feel to it. With that in mind, here is the cover for the book: Fram Gage - Limited Series Edition All three novels in the series are included in this book. Along with that, it will include some revised formatting that'll continue a similar theme t

How to Categorize a Young Adult Novel on Kindle Direct Publishing

Photo by Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash Do you have a great young adult novel that you've written and can't wait to send out to the world? Maybe it's dystopian, science fiction, or just good-ole literary fiction. As you're setting up your book in Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), you're asked what category you want the book in. No matter where you scroll, you can't find a single category called "Young Adult". There's "Juvenile Fiction" but that just doesn't seem right to you. So how do you categorize for Young Adult fiction? The issue here is that the categories listed are BISAC categories. But Amazon will then take these categories and fine-tune it on the back end for their internal categories. They base these on several factors such as keywords, age group, etc. Here are the two simple steps you need to follow when setting up your book on KDP to ensure they fall into Amazon's Young Adult category. Step 1 First, make sure at least