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It's Time for Another Novel (with Title and Cover Reveal)

In late July/early August 2022, I had that nagging feeling pop into my head for a story. The first part involved a mash-up of a murder mystery mixed with some sci-fi intrigue. Sometimes, those types of thoughts are fleeting. But this one stuck with me. I started working out a plot for the story. Then characters. Back story. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And all of this bounced around in my brain without a single thought put in writing. Then, in mid-August, I put my thoughts to paper (more like a computer screen). First, I fleshed out the back story. Next, I provided more detail about the main characters. Then, chapter by chapter, I outlined how the entire story would unfold. It may have been a month or two of getting that all in line before I started writing the novel properly. As it stands now, I currently finished chapter eight. As it usually goes with the writing process, things have changed. Finishing chapter eight is actually finishing chapter eleven of the original outline. I