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Writing A Book Description

Photo by Charlie Read on Unsplash Part of self-publishing's joy is the author's complete control over every aspect of their novel's publication: Content. Title. Cover Design. Etc. Part of self-publishing's frustration is also the complete control an author has over every aspect of their novel's publication. There's a lot to do and learn. One essential item is the book description (or book blurb). This information is listed on Amazon or other retailers, giving potential readers an idea of whether a book will interest them. As self-published authors, it can be challenging to write this effectively because we either want to hold back as much information as possible, so we don't spoil the story, or we enter too much information into it because otherwise, we feel the description will not make sense. For over a decade of self-publishing, I've had some bad and good descriptions. What I've learned reads best is to follow some of these simple rules: Keep th