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Advanced Retail Copies of "Watermeloned: A Mystery Sci-Fi Novel"

I'm pleased to announce plans to send print advanced retail copies to those interested for Watermeloned: A Mystery Sci-Fi Novel releasing on June 27, 2023. The plan is to send these out sometime in early May or sooner if they are available. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please fill out the form below. And remember, until then: Don't. Get. WATERMELONED! Loading…

Writers - Backup Those Words!

Photo by Geri Forsaith on Unsplash This past weekend, I experienced a terrifying moment. My writing process for my next novel, Watermeloned: A Mystery Sci-Fi Novel , is to use Scrivener on multiple devices. Using Google Drive as a conduit to a common file, I can hop from device to device, picking up where I left off with all my pretty words and wordy notes for the book. Well, I hopped to my Windows tablet to continue writing this past weekend, and suddenly around 3,000 to 4,000 words had gone missing. One was an entire chapter! Calm down,  I thought.  It's going to be OK. But really, I did panic some. Sure, 3K to 4K of words is pretty decent. But imagine if I lost the entire book of 40K at that point? Yeah, that be bad, fer sure. Even with that much lost, there are still little things you might not get back when rewriting. Nuance to the wording. Ideas that popped into the stream of consciousness that were added or even removed from the original story outline. OK. I have Scrivener