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Desmond Shepherd is the author of many novels and short stories, including the emotionally gripping tale Imaginary Me and the episodic series The Permanent Man. He writes for your enjoyment, to stimulate imagination and to provide an escape from your everyday life. He thanks you for reading the fictional journeys he writes.

He resides in an old farm house in the Philadelphia suburbs with his wonderful wife and three children.


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"Ripple Loop" - A Kindle Vella Story

Ripple Loop I awake in darkness. Confused. How did I get here? Who am I? Of these things, I'm uncertain. A voice calls out to me, counting down to what I can only deduce is an inevitable conclusion. It says, "You have twenty-two minutes until the next displacement shift." Episode Titles Episode 1 - ...Until the Next Displacement Shift (free) Episode 2 -  ...To Enjoy an Awkward Hot Shower  (free) Episode 3 -  ...To Avoid Becoming a Tasty Morsel  (free) Episode 4 -  ...To Prove Yourself a Capable Mommy  (35 tokens) Episode 5 - ... Until You Unwittingly Become a Self-Traitor  (38 tokens) Episode 6 - ...To Travel Through Ducts to Escape Your Abductors  (37 tokens) Episode 7 -  ...Until All Your Mistakes Make You a Failure  (30 tokens) Episode 8 -  ...To Successfully Do It All Over Again  (35 tokens) Episode 9 -  ...To Be the Creator of Your Origin Story  (27 tokens) More to come! Available exclusively on Kindle Vella .

Mairel Elof

Mairel Elof  (mer•el ē•lôf) is the daugther of Empress Cybil Elof and heiress to the throne. While not officially in charge of the Empire's military force, she does oversee its operations, often traveling for long periods of time on ships that patrol the galaxy. Skilled with her blade and a threatening menace to all of the Empire's citizens, she is bent on capturing the traitorous fugitive Mu'sas Elof, also an heir to the throne. Return to  Characters Return to  Main Wiki  


Juris  (jo͝orəs)  is the capital planet of the Elof Empire. Though the landscape is diverse from lush forests to arid deserts across the planet, the central hub/capital of the government is a bustling city. In the center of the city is a tall skyscraper type structure that sits on a mountain high above the people it rules over. For decades, Hupogean people have been enslaved on Juris by the Elof Empire. This has led to mistreatment, persecution and prejudice toward the Hupogeans throughout many of the planets in the Elof Empire's control, including Hupoge . Return to  Locations Return to  Main Wiki